Anunnaki Reptilians


The ancient civilization of Sumeria has a possible relation with anunnaki reptilians. Today there are loads of evidence hard to ignore, mainly found in ancient Sumerian texts.


Sumeria, also known as the “Land of the Civilized Kings”, was a flourishing civilization located today in Iraq (known as Mesopotamia in ancient times) around 4500 BC The Sumerians had a fairly advanced civilization with their own language  and an elaborated writing system.

They also had extensive knowledge of the solar system, and also of astronomy and mathematics.

We still use the same mathematical system, time and calendar, all of them created by the ancient Sumerians. In addition that knowledge, the Sumerian civilization also used amazing agricultural techniques.

As much as their elaborate language system, the Sumerians also had a complex religious system with hundreds of gods and rites.

According to the sumerian texts, every city was guarded by its own God. Humans, gods and anunnaki reptilians lived among themselves, and human beings were servants of the reptilian anunnaki. Ancient Sumeria wasnt the only home gods, but also home of the Nephilim as described in Genesis.


There have been several tablets collected from archaeological sites in Sumeria, but one in particular, points out that Earth is planet number 7 (counting Pluto). How could a civilization of 6,000 years ago know the existence of Pluto? Many say they acquired this knowledge of the gods, and some believe that these gods were anunnaki reptilians.

Who were the Sumerian extraterrestrials?

The Sumerian extraterrestrial theory dates back to a tablet found in Nippur, which was an ancient city founded in the year 5000 BC. According to mythology anunnaki reptilians ruled on Earth.

These beings were called gods, and had the power to travel through the sky. While on land, these beings dug into the planet’s soil to make it habitable and to gather resources. Some say that the Sumerians were here simply for the extraction of gold.

Sumerian representation of Enki emerging from the water

According to the text, Anu (who was the God of the gods) considered that the work was too great. Enki, his son, proposed the idea of ​​creating a species (the man) to help with the work.

Enki and his sister Ninki would work together to bring this idea to life – literally. To create man, according to the Sumerians, a god was sacrificed.

His body and blood mixed with the clay to create the first human being – like the gods. It is interesting to note that the Sumerians believed that man was created in the image of God, just as the Bible says.

You may have heard the term Anunnaki, which seems familiar considering that the name of the god of the gods was Anu. The Annunaki Reptilians were the gods of Sumeria.

The theories of the Anunnaki that pose them as beings of extraterrestrial origin are credited in large part to Zecharia Sitchin. There are diverse opinions for and against, making this subject very controversial.

The mission of the Anunnaki in humanity

According to Sumerian theory, extraterrestrial beings inhabited this Earth much earlier than man.

It is believed that these beings ran out of resources on their planet, and traveled to Earth to exploit their riches (gold in particular) to take it back to its home planet.

Sumerian God Anu

Because the mining work was very intense, the gods created the man to help. Interestingly, the first man was created in the Eden, which is described as the garden of the gods in the epic of Gilgamesh.

It is believed to be located between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. The first humans were unable to reproduce, so they were later modified by Ninki and Enki to make possible reproduction.

This infuriated Enlil, Enki’s brother and began a conflict between the gods. According to the Sumerian extraterrestrial theorists, this conflict is the reason why the Anunnaki left Earth, leaving behind humans who had to fend for themselves.

The Sumerians were not the first civilization to leave evidence of beings coming from the heavens to the Earth. Many cultures around the world have similar histories, and often, these beings gave these cultures invaluable knowledge.

 Anunnaki are Reptilians?

There is some controversy here. Some people say yes, Reptilians and Anunnaki are oneself. Others point to ancient carvings in the Anunnaki’s clay as evidence against this theory. Only some of the carvings show reptile figures; Many others show figures that look much more human, or even similar to birds.

Humanoid reptiles depicted on a Sumerian tablet.

This could mean that reptiles are an Anunnaki species. It may also mean, however, that the Reptilians and the Anunnaki are themselves, and that those figures not seen as reptilians were simply “shifting shapes” as have been reported by some witnesses and conspiranopics of the present day.

Al-Ubaid statuette undoubtedly represents a anunnaki reptile being. These statuettes have been dated in 7000 years.

The mission of the Anunnaki Reptilians in the world

If we think of a superior race in technology and in time of permanence in the universe that can dominate at its whim to other more recent species and with less technological advances, perhaps we would be making an analogy of the mission of the Reptilians in the humanity.

David Icke

David Icke, a long-time researcher dedicated to following and spreading this conspiracy, says the anunnaki reptilians are here to extract monatomic gold (with the help of human slaves), which apparently can boost the power of their nervous system.

This would be what makes them able to change shape, and go to other dimensions, according to Icke. They would also draw energy from human suffering, so they are very interested in wars.

It has been suggested that the Reptilians come from the constellation of Draco, but not our constellation from Draco. Icke writes that they dwell in the fourth dimension, which is just another dimension of our own world. After they have crossed, they can manipulate us for their own purposes.

Icke believes that there is a connection between the occult and the Reptilians. It is known that black magic can be used to summon entities. Icke believes that these entities are the Reptilians, and this is another way in which they cross to our world.

David Icke also believes that the Reptilians, changing their form, have placed themselves in positions of power around the world; While the human race is subject to their interests.

Reptilians have been referenced by science fiction over the years. They have written about them several authors, as the following ones: Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith and H.P. Lovecraft.

Connections between fiction and reality


Sometimes, real life imitates fiction, but more often, fiction imitates real life. Could it be that the inspiration for these stories is deeper?

When Robert E. Howard wrote about the “snake men” in his story “The Shadow Kingdom” (source) in 1929, he was actually inspired by an idea presented by the founder of the Society Theosophical, Helena Blavatsky.

Blavatsky’s great work was the “Secret Doctrine” (source), and in it he spoke of the “dragon men” who might have inhabited a lost civilization called Lemuria.

Anunnaki Reptilians representation

This is the point where the mystery arises and is reinforced, in the clash of ideas coming from mysticism, archeology, world history and astronomy.

Going deeper into the hidden history you can find various mentions of reptilian beings. These beings appear too often to be a coincidence



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