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One of the most surprising theories there is, is about reptilians, one that David Icke has defended, he is a British researcher and writer, who since 1990 decided to investigate reptilians. David Icke has already published more than 20 books of great success.

Apparently David Icke’s conspiracy theory of reptilians may seem foolish, but the expert investigators who have come to study Icke’s theses, often to try to dismantle his eccentric visions, have been shocked by the theories of this English writer.
In his writings, Icke warns that world control resides in a few illuminati reptilians, powerful people from the economic, political, and world Royalty class, who are descendants of a race of humanoid reptiles that have always controlled mankind .

These illuminati reptilians are worshipers of Lucifer, and they run the world

The control of the economic and political power of the world is based on occult secret societies, followers of the Devil.They key theory that David Icke introduces is about reptilians, it consists, in affirming that the illuminati are reptilian beings and that they can shapeshift.
David claims that most of the world leaders of any part of the world, such as George Bush, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and even the Royal Family of England, are 7 foot tall humanoid reptiles, which feed primarily on blood. Serpents, so-called, can shapeshift from human to reptile, depending on whether they are in private or in public.

According to an interview with David Icke, Princess Diana’s confidant, Christine Fitzgerald, tells that Diana told her that the Royal Family were reptilian aliens, and that they could shapeshift.

David Icke states that September 11 was part of the Reptilian plan to enslave humanity through fear, George Bush being a servant of the reptilians.

Below is a fragment of a Discovery Channel documentary, which deals with the figure of David Icke and the Illuminist-Reptilian Conspiracy
For example, the families of US presidents, George Bush and Bill Clinton are related to the 13 Reptilian Families. Bush is a relative of the 13th Reptilian Family, known as the Merovingian Family, through his kinship with the Queen of England; And Bill Clinton has family ties to the Rothschild Reptilian Family.

queen reptilian

Queen of England Reptilian

The Reptilians

It is very common, in all mythologies, the wanderings of these reptilian beings (although they were not always humanoid, as they are described today), although these reptiles were not always hostile to humans. Very common are also the myths about the “Serpents of wisdom” who enlightened humanity. In the book of Genesis, God punishes the serpent for giving Eve the forbidden fruit by declaring; “You will walk and eat dust on all your days” (Genesis 3:14). In this way the Bible implied that the serpent formerly had, arms and legs, that when the curse was taken away the privilege was taken away.

The Annunaki (also called Annuna – Sons of Anu) were the gods confined in the underworld, it is also said that they lived in Dulkug or Dulku, the “holy mound”. In the Sumerian text on “The descent of Innana to the Underworld” the Annunaki are identified as the seven judges of the Underworld.
For others they are a family of immature gods, separated from their parents and abandoned in a world that was recovering from a battle with a death star.
The Sumerian legend says that there is one more planet in our solar system, called Nibiru by the Sumerians, that has an elliptical orbit similar to the one of a comet and takes 3600 years to make a complete turn around the sun.

Sitchin and other researchers support the theory that ancient Sumerians knew the existence of all planets in the Solar System, from Mercury to Pluto, the latter discovered at the beginning of the 20th century. And the presence of another planet, with an orbit around the Sun (every 3,600 years), from which the annunaki reptilians came, the gods which in there principles were the genesis of life on Earth and the Cause of the rapid evolution of man in the world through genetic intervention.
The inhabitants of this planet were the Annunaki (Sitchin calls them Nefilim).

The real reason the Annunaki came down to earth is confusing:
Martin thinks a clash between Nibiru or one the moons of Tiamet (the planet that was between Mars and Jupiter)
There was a great spaceship (Nibiru 2) that went to colonize the earth.
Sitchin thinks they came looking for metals that were running low on their planet.
Both say, and the Sumerian tradition says they created men to serve them. In some way they utilize men as slaves.

The creation of man according to Sumerian myths is very similar to the bible, Enki took clay and gave it form, by invitation of Nammu, although the first forms were not satisfactory.
Humans saw these beings as gods, since they were intelligent, possessed many technologies and knowledge and had a great longevity, although they were mortal. These beings were called the Sumerian Annunaki. The term that mentions the Bible is Nephilim (remember that the Bible is a copy of the Sumerian traditions), although some wrong translations of a term call them “giants”.



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