Famous Reptilians Exposed by David Icke

famous reptilians

Arizona Wilder, a former member of the illuminati and the victims of lifelong rituals until the death of his ritualistic reprogrammer when he later left the illuminati group and his pagan ritualistic activities, sacrifices , Orgies, mind control, etc.

Famous reptilians exposed by David Icke

Information based, among others, on the experiences of Arizona Wilder, a former member of the Illuminati and victims of his lifelong rituals until the death of his ritualistic reprogrammer when he later left the Illuminati group and his ritualistic pagan activities, sacrifices , Orgies, mental control, etc.

 List of famous reptilians

– George Bush, according to Arizona is one of those who can shapeshift in to a reptilian.

– Two sons of George Bush who left Governor of Texas and Florida.

– Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy Reagan.

– Hilary Clinton and Bill Clinton, according to Arizona wilder says she never saw her change into a reptile but saw her participating in the rituals.

– Jay Rockefeller, according to Arizona wilder, he can shapeshift in to reptilian form.

– George Dukemagian.

– Newt Gingrinch.

– Gerard Ford, according to Arizona wilder is another one that was changed in reptiliano.

– Linden Johnson, according to Arizona also saw him changing into a reptilian.

– Dr, Josef Mengele, also changed into a reptilian.

– Queen Elisabeth of England, of course changes in reptilian seen by Arizona wilder many times.

– Prince Charles of England also changes to reptilian.

– Princess Margarita, Also seen by Arizona wilder changing to reptilian.

– Baron de Rothschild, who lives in England and who changed his name to Dr, Berington. He also changes shape

Baron Guy de Rothschild, also changes.

– The Marques de Libero, also seen by Arizona changing form to reptilian and that names it like reptilian but feared or powerful. I still can not confirm your photo.


Arizona also says:

“A famous reptilian leader of the Illuminati compares himself to the Egyptian god Osiris. And also with the legends of Arthur and the Round Table. The name he takes from there is Pindar, which means “The Phallus of the Dragon.”

Here he is telling us that the Illuminati Reptiles have a supreme leader. Another name he uses, she says, is Marquis of Libero (or Libeaux). According to Arizona, even the evil “Queen Mother” Elizabeth trembles at his presence.

Can we know who this character is? I think she gives us a clue when she tells us that Laurence Gardneres a Reptilian Shapeshifter, of a higher rank than Sitchin, and much more respected and protected by the Elite. Let’s see who this character is and what this character says.

Gardner was an expert genealogist hired by the Royal European Families to investigate his Genealogical Lines. From this he developed a theory on the “Lineage of the Grail,” which begins with the Anunnaki and ends in the present Monarchies, passing through Jesus and the Merovingians. Unlike Sitchin, Gardner does not stop at the Anunnaki, but rather touches on the subject of the past, concentrating on the Royal Lineages.

Gardner, of course, says that the most important Lineage is the Merovingian, and the last living representative of this Blood Line would be Prince Michael Stuart of Scotland. Since 1992, this gentleman is the President of the Council of Princes of Europe, and I think he is the Marquis of Libero: the Supreme Leader of the Illuminati spoken of by Arizona.

However, there is another very important statement made by Arizona: “I think this child, Prince William is the son of Pindar, that Diana was” seeded “without knowing it.

That is important, then, would mean that Prince William of Wales is the new Pendragon, and if the reptilian plans of soon establishing the World Government . There are those who believe that Prince William will be the Antichrist, because of a series of clues that seem to confirm this (see “Prince William: The Antichrist of the New World Order Unveiled”).

Other famous reptilians

– Tony Blair, also seen shapeshifting in to reptilian form.

– Prince Philip, also seen shapeshifting to reptile form.

– Laurence Gardner, also seen shapeshifting.

– Zecharia Sitchim, seen by Arizona changing to reptilian form and says that it is one of the informers of reptilians and illuminati.

– Camila Parker, was never seen to change form but I participated in many rituals.

– Mohamed Al Fayed, also seen participating in the rituals.

Are Reptilians Real?

According to Arizona Wilder, The English royalty participated in rituals with famous reptilians doing orgies, drinking blood and eating organs of their victims and all dressed in white robes and without underwear.




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