Illuminati Assassinations


The illuminati reptilians have been executing a millennial plan

You do not see them, you see their agenda. Whether you do or not believe in it, it affects you. Even if you hide your head under the sand it does not mean you’re not going to get caught by the storm. You can see chemtrails poisoning us every day, as they also do with medicines, food, water with flour and all they can. This is real. They rely on fear, without fear,  growing spiritualy and creating your reality they can be finished. Its a fact that transgenic food is very dangerous for our health.

You are subjected to hormonal treatment without knowing it. Everything has feminine hormones, you are removing your masculinity and women develop more and more each time. Listen to the video:

Killed for knowing a great secret

Let us summarize some proofs to make clear that the world government is controlled by a reptilian illuminati complot. Reptilians and demons could be the same, they have less power than what people think, can only frighten you, manipulate and carry negative vibrations. Their reign is over.

Danny Casolaro a journalist who was investigating a secret base was assassinated:
Thomas Castello: he was also killed, he was a security employee at the Dulce Base …


They discovered reptilians and grays in secret bases related to the mafia and the government of the USA.
In 1997 a Call to Coast to Coast-ArtBell Program
An Ex-employee of  Area 51 base announces:

“I do not have much time … The aliens are extradimensional beings … They know the catastrophes that come … They have a plan … They want to reduce the population …. ”
They hang him ….

They were murdered for discovering the great reptilian illuminati conspiracy as thousands more ..:


The eye of the bill is reptilian and has scales. There are no coincidences. The reptilians are the base of the masonry and the voodoo, that the cult of the djamballa wedo snake. The Vatican uses voodoo symbols such as the cross or its logo.


The Compass is the circle and squares the square and the G, satan reptil. It is a Chinese and Egyptian symbol. There is an artifact that has a lot of power to activate dimensional portals … the Light Family seeks it in the present day in a Mayan pyramid.

List of illuminati assasinations



 1. Dr. John Badwey

 2. Paul Bennewitz

 3. Dr. Eugene Blass

 5. Ron Bonds

6. Mae Brussell

7. Danny Casolaro

8. Dr. J. Clayton

9. William Cooper

10. Dr. Cooperson

11. Tupac

13. Don Elkins

14. James V. Forrestal

15. Dr. Max Gerson

16. John Hadley

17. Harry Hoxsey

18. Morris K. Jessup

19. Dr. Milbank Johnson

20. Todd Kauppila

21. Jim Keith

22. Dr. David Kelly

23. John F. Kennedy

25. Dorothy Kilgallen

26. Dr. William Koch

27. George Lakhovsky

28. Ann Livingston

29. Brian Lynch

30. Dr. John Mack

31. Dr. Eugene Mallote

32. Dr. James McDonald

33. Stanley Meyer

34. Dr. Wilhelm Reich

36. Princess Diana





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