Illuminati Facebook Page


Why is there an Illuminati Facebook Page?


Facebook users were stunned when they saw an illuminati facebook page with the “Verified Officially” logo, allusive to the Order of the Illuminati. The page claims to be administered by members of that “secret society.” The Order of “The Illuminated” was founded in 1776 in Bavaria (Germany), with the aim of opposing religious influence and abuse of power by the State.

It has been said that over the years the Order of the Enlightened Ones continued to exist under the shadows and became stronger and stronger. He is credited with influencing the creation of other secret societies, which would have repercussions on global politics and economy. The Illuminati lead the most terrifying conspiracy theories. However none of them has been officially admitted.

Every day millions of pages and Facebook groups are created that supplant the identity of all types of societies, but Facebook’s recent action left us wondering if the Illuminati would have decided to emerge from the shadows.

Before the decision of Facebook, the page manifested its more than 380 thousand followers:

“The Illuminati are grateful for Facebook’s dedication to our goals.”

And in his profile you can read the phrase:

“We are always watching for you.”

The account invites you to visit its “official page”, where you can read more about the group’s goals and have read, video and merchandising files available. From there they distribute a book titled Iluminatian: The First Testament of the Illuminati (with free download) and this one can also be obtained printed through Amazon, for a value of 10 dollars. In it they claim to have the bases to empower and “promote the prosperity of the human species”.

For now, the profile boasts of having been the only one authorized by Facebook and rejects the existence of membership dues and donations on its website.

“Some have tried to defraud our members by demanding payment of membership, a practice prohibited by our council.”

Now Zuckerberg owes us an explanation. Although I think they need more style to characterize the Illuminati.




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