The Illuminati Killed Chester Bennington, Member of Linkin Park


The alleged suicide of lead singer Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, who was 41 years old and dies 63 days after the death of his friend Chris Cornell, who was preparing a video and unfortunately I had problems with my Computer, as is often the case when talking about certain topics and I was not able to publish it at the time, so I hope to have the possibility to conclude the video along with information from Chester, who was very affected by the death of Chris.

For all the information we can know, Chester was another of those prodigious artists who from their childhood were chosen to influence the youth at a certain time that would suit the elite and was thus as being just a small child, was SEXUALLY ABUSED !.

This brought him many problems with drug use, one of the most important causes of the consumption of these hallucinogens and which we mentioned in many posts related to people linked to the world of occultism and music as was the case of George Michael, who Jumped from rehabilitation center to another and could never stay really sober, equally Chester Bennington, fought against his addictions and apparently had been clean for 6 years, as the term is known, as clean as Chris Cornell.

But if he was drug-free, why would he simply take the decision to take his own life, after this very week he had given an excellent performance and looked very happy with his audience? Many things that people do not understand or can not grasp is that who comes to fame, not only because of their charisma but because there is someone behind the curtain pushing it, especially characters like these, emotionally shattered and those who feel like shit, See in fame the opportunity to be “someone”, their self-esteem is null as a result of sexual abuse and the elite know it, that’s why the best artists are actors or singers, have gone through sexual abuse, an initiation and Which is what later allows these characters to agree with those who are behind the shadows and who can lead anyone to fame, there is only one price to pay … you already know but still do not capture.


In this sense, the pacts have an expiration date that many artists or wealthy people who have done so, they forget, because of their covenant they must repay as it is and that is how practically their expiration date is more than clear. Among other things, I always caught his eye EMPTY as if it were just an empty body Chester Bennington dies at 9 o’clock on the 20th of the month 7 .. bone 2 + 0 + 7 = 9 … at 63 days of Cornell’s death …. 6 + 3 = 9 …. that Cursed 9 that usually appears in certain rituals. The fact that it looks like a suicide does not mean that it is, it’s usually assisted suicides like that of Robin Williams, Chris Cornell, Michael Jackson and many others


Well, for now, i leave it here and then I’ll talk more about Chester Bennington and his band Linkin Park … I do not deny it, both artists, Chris and Chester I liked at the time, I referred to their voices and it is NOT CASUAL that both names begin By Ch and then I’ll tell you why …. a little shocked even with the news.

Was it a “ritual sacrifice” ????? The kabbalistic numbers seem to indicate this




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