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Are Lady Gaga, Rihanna, or even Barack Obama illuminati members? They belong to a secret society that offers them success in exchange for certain commitments? A theory that seems quite absurd and is supported by many websites, a secret society close to Masonry that has existed for centuries.

Present in Dan Brown’s novel “Angels and Demons”, the Illuminati members generate loads of doubts and questions, while their very existence has never been proven.

Who are they? Why would the media stars be attached to this nebulae? How does this sect use the artists to transmit their messages to the masses? We enter into a theory of conspiracy as paranoid as it is intriguing.

The Illuminati members are neither more nor less than the elite of the elite, the most powerful secret society in the world. Created in the 18th century, the Illuminati group (which means “enlightened” in reference to the current of the Enlightenment) is going to change the history of the world: at that moment, they succeeded in overthrowing the monarchies that impeded social and intellectual progress . The Illuminati are also credited with the French Revolution, but I do not believe that this sect pursues noble causes: according to them, people are ignorant and stupid by nature. The Illuminati member would indeed be an enlightened elite who would use democracy to carry out their ideas.

who are the illuminati members

What are the tipical theories of the Illuminati?

There are many: According to the experts of this sect, the members of the Illuminati are in communion with several Egyptian gods who worship in strange initiatory meetings. It is not surprising, therefore, that its symbol is a pyramid with the upper part (the elite) illuminated by the consciousness of the blind eye and looking at a base made of identical bricks (population). According to conspiracy theorists, the presence of this drawing in the symbol of the United States (the dollar) is an undeniable proof of the Illuminati members  worldwide. Opponents to the theory explain in turn the eye located at the top of the pyramid was created during the Renaissance, long before the creation of the Illuminati secret society. Other symbols are assigned to the Illuminati: doors, pillars, rainbows in the sky, pictures and circuses have a special meaning in light of the doctrine of the secret society.

pyramid illuminatiIlluminati Pyramid present on the dollar bill

Why do the conspiracists think that capitalist enterprises are under the orders of the Illuminati members?

This is where paranoia begins: according to conspiracy theorists, any company logo in which something similar to a pyramid or eyes appears belongs to the Illuminati.

Obviously, there are a lot of companies: take the case of Intermarché, which leaves a triangle formed by the swords of your logo … Should we conclude seriously that we will be involved in a change of regime if we buy vegetables at Intermarché? It’s hard to believe …
The same scenario takes place with the city of Strasbourg, whose logo is formed by the famous triangle and the eye.

Illuminati Logo of the city of Strasbourg.

You can guess that if the French supermarkets are accused, the American brands more: you can find triangles and eyes on a large number of logos.

illuminati logo

AOL’s Illuminati Logo.

CBS Illuminati Logo

What famous movies would support the Illuminati theory?

The film of conspiracy theory is undoubtedly The mechanical orange, in his promotional poster lets clearly appear the pyramid and the eye:

The mechanical orange.  Illuminati movie.

Most recently, a cult movie has been accused of using the Illuminati symbols. The Fight Club uses repeatedly using the mark of Satan and the checkered flag.

One of the final images of the film is to show the couple doing the M of Satan (see later in the article) while watching the Twin Towers collapse:

illuminati members

The Fight Club is another Illuminati movie

The Twin Towers falling in a 1999 movie?

This reinforces the theory that the Illuminati were behind the Sept. 11 attacks.

The Simpsons, also among the accused have this strange premonition in an episode of 1993:

11 of September. Simpsons. The number 9 and the two towers form the date of September 11

Dozens of other films use the symbols of the secret society.

The most cited films are: Benjamin Gate, Batman, Matrix, Harry Potter or Monsters SA.

Monsters SA and the Illuminati. The logo forms a pyramid and an eye.

Which stars would be members of the Illuminati?

According to conspiracy theory, most stars have achieved fame through a pact with the devil: and send coded messages to the population. The most emblematic of this supposed pact would be Lady Gaga, considered as an puppet of the Illuminati members: the exuberant singer never misses the opportunity to refer to the eye that sees everything, often accompanying a gesture imitating a pyramid. Lady Gaga has been subject to multiple accusations both for her stage name and for her logo: there are references to many other symbols (butterfly, Baphomet, etc.).
Other US celebrities are accused of collaborating with the cult to show Occult Illuminati Symbols: Madonna, The Beatles, Bono, Celine Dion, Rihanna and Jay-Z are the most mentioned names.

According to the Illuminati supporters, what will happen when the stars leave the project?

They will die. According to the conspirators, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, 2Pac, and John Lennon wanted to denounce the Illuminati society a few days before the brutal murder. In recent news, singer Michael Jackson was also killed after leaving the Illuminati, supposedly to convert to Islam. These accusations, in the mouth of most conspiracists, are not based on any evidence.

Have politicians been perverted by the Illuminati?

There is a problem with those who support the Illuminati thesis, most of the world leaders will meet the orders of the Illuminati members. If politicians can hardly use the pyramid and eye especially monitors (which would be bad class), they would not hesitate to spontaneously reproduce the sign of Satan in public, that is, an M with the fingers. Necessarily, and this is where the conspiracy machine runs at full throttle: no one makes this sign spontaneously, and politicians often reproduce it …

illuminati pope

   Benedict XVI making the cornuto

bush illuminati

Bush doing the Illuminati symbol

illuminati handgesture

Illuminati Handgesture


Illuminati: Is there really this secret society?

There is a small problem with conspiracy web pages: they try to give as certain theories too fantastic. And this is a bit what happens with the Illuminati members, they drink of very detailed information, but nothing supports the thesis of the existence of the secret society, in fact, there is nothing secret that its main activity is to appear in the music of Lady Gaga.

This simple contradiction between secrecy and public display undermines the thesis of this sect, which, if it really dominated the world, would probably have reacted to the world when it learned of its existence on the Internet.

On the topic of the plot, Wikipedia says that the Illuminati are based on universal elements related to conspiracy: the notion of elite secrecy and manipulation of the masses.

Why does the Illuminati thesis still persist?

Many sociologists have wondered about the subject, explaining that the Illuminati theory can be considered as the psychosis of a disadvantaged population in search of some charm.

Beyond the social need to believe in fantasies, the plot of the elite can be used as a political weapon, capable of explaining a complex world and a nauseating anti-Semitism.

Illuminati Masons

Since the beginning of American history, the existence of secret societies, called Masons and Illuminati, has always been known. There are some theories that mention that both social groups belong to the same society. However, there are other theories that promote that both societies are different and are in battle for world domination. In this article, we will speak a little of both theories.

Starting from the idea that both Masons and Illuminati are part of the same secret society; It is correct to mention that in the beginning the initiates and the members of low rank would be known like the Masons; And that those in the highest positions of Masonry are known as the Illuminati. If this history is true, the differentiation between the two strata is remarkable; Since it is known that climbing within Freemasonry is something extremely complicated, due to its way of thinking and acting. If so, before being able to choose to be a Mason would be necessary to surpass the 33 degrees that correspond to the Masonic stratification and later to begin to climb the Illuminati degrees.
Another side that could explain the union of these lodges, would be that the group of the Illuminati members secretly infiltrated in all the headquarters of the European masonry; Thus managing to take over much of Masonic thought and giving it most of the symbols with which they identify today. If this theory is true, we could say that the Illuminati are a subgroup within the Masons, which is responsible for manipulating the decisions to be made.

Now, to continue with our analysis of these social groups, let us take as a starting point the history which points out that Masons and Illuminati are two completely different societies. If we stick to this idea, the first thing that must be demarcated is that one of the great gaps that distinguishes one society from another; Is his way of seeing humanity. The Masons bet on the improvement of the human race. For this, they surround themselves with intellectuals and enlightened people in order to make humanity evolve harmonically, under the ideals raised in the French revolution of equality, fraternity and freedom.
On the contrary, the Illuminati are a group that seek world domination through the use of symbols and according to some sources, the intervention of evil entities. For them, the world is not very important, since its mainstream of thought affirms that humanity will never evolve; And therefore they turn away from humanity to seek to transcend through the scientific and humanistic advances made by its members.

Whether these stories are true or not, the important thing about them is that throughout the history of humanity, several personalities have been involved with one or the other.

The True Story of the Illuminati

Many people believe in the Illuminati as a secret organization that operates in our days, others mention that they are only the product of a collective paranoia however, few know what they mean by this term. Each time there seem to be more people who talk or think they know something about this secret group or organization. It is often read or heard that the goal of the Illuminati is none other than to achieve full control of the various social groups in the world; And are associated with terrorist attacks, wars and political and economic decisions. Despite how much we can find on the internet on the subject, there is no real evidence about its existence, so we will show you the true story of the Illluminati.

The Order of the Illuminati was founded in the region of Bavaria, on May 1, 1776. The name comes from the plural of Illuminatus, which in Latin means “Illuminated.” Its founding father was the jurist and professor Adam Weishaupt. In a way, it was created as a group analogous to the Masonic confraternities and the pyramidal structure of these organizations. In the beginning, the real goal of the Illuminati was none other than to gain knowledge through study and mutual support; However, over time (although this is not verifiable), it is ensured that they expanded their power, as they had renowned and important figures in the spheres of politics, economics, arts and culture.

Officially, the Illuminati did not survive for long, since they were dismantled and prohibited by Karl Theodor in 1785; However, their iconography and traditional symbols can be found in various parts of the world, such as notes, buildings, literature, paintings, sculptures, etc .; So it is believed, can continue to operate in clandestinity.

Some of the symbols considered proper to the Illuminati are: the pyramid, the obelisk, the all-seeing eye, the pentagram and sometimes an owl or an owl (symbolizing wisdom, among other things).

Many defenders of the existence of the Illuminati accuse them of being among the most powerful governments in the world; For example, that of the United States of America; Since, they say, some of these symbols can be found in logos of various institutions of that country; And even, on their bills. So what is the true story of the Illuminati and what do they want?

What are the Illuminati members looking for?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is believed that  the Illuminati plan is to achieve total control of the world’s population, but … how could this be achieved? According to the researchers of the Illuminati, these seek to establish a “New World Order“; His plan is based on the plan of creating a single government worldwide that will gain power over the world. Their actions have been directed toward this plan for centuries, since they have people with loads of power, such as bankers, politicians, artists, actors…

A common belief is  that the Illuminati members have participated in wars and diverse terrorist attacks; For example, on September 11 in the United States. It is now clear that George Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr. are illuminati members, and such a terrorist attack  was only a pretext for invading Iraq And Afghanistan; Countries that has important oil reserves, the so-called “black gold”, indispensable element to be able to take control of the world.



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