List of Illuminati Companies


No matter where you live, it is impossible to escape from illuminati globalization.

The only way out is to get informed so that you can make a conscious choice before buying.

Begin to cultivate and manufacture your food, reduce the consumption of oil and its byproducts, reforest, buy what is necessary, listen to your inner voice instead of the voice of advertising … small steps to escape great monsters.

And always remember that the power of choice is in one, do not give them the pleasure of falling into their paws.


Several of the big oil companies would be on this list, but Chevron deserves a special place. Between 1972 and 1993, Chevron (then Texaco) poured 18 billion gallons of toxic water into the tropical forests of Ecuador without any kind of repair, destroying the livelihoods of local farmers and sickening indigenous populations. Chevron has also contaminated the US, in 1998, Richmond, California, suing Chevron for illegal dumping without undergoing sewage treatment, polluting local water supplies, ditched in New Hampshire in 2003.

Chevron was responsible for the deaths of several Nigerians who protested against the company for its presence and exploitation of the Nigerian delta. Chevron paid the local militia, known for their human rights abuses, to crush the protests, and even provided them with helicopters and ships. The soldiers opened fire on the protesters, then burned their villages to the ground.

De Beers

This company spares no expense, and finances, supports and creates authentic guerrillas and dictatorships of terror in order to continue to obtain, through exploitation of children and adults, the precious stone. In Botswana, DeBeers has been blamed for the “cleaning” of the land where the diamonds are extracted, including the forced relocation of the indigenous peoples who had lived there for thousands of years. The government allegedly cut off the water supply, threatened them, tortured them, and publicly hanged the resisters.

Let us not leave aside their null environmental responsibility, their null labor rights, human lives, and their rancid and macho campaigns.

Phillip Morris

Phillip Morris is the largest manufacturer of cigarettes in the United States and the world.

It is known to cause cancer in smokers as well as birth defects in unborn children if the mother smokes during pregnancy. Cigarette smoke contains 43 known carcinogens and more than 4,000 chemicals, including carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, nicotine, and arsenic. Nicotine, the main psychoactive chemical in tobacco, has been shown to be a psychological addiction. Smoking increases blood pressure, affects the central nervous system and constriction of blood vessels. Cigarette butts are one of the main pollutants that smokers routinely shed; Slow to degrade. Many of these filters make their way onto the ground or into the water, where their chemicals behave like true leeches.

Tobacco not only contaminates the land during its extensive hectares of monoculture, which are sprayed daily from agro-toxic, its industrial production contaminates (huge amounts of paper, cotton, cardboard, metal, fuels …), its consumption contaminates the Atmosphere, damages your buyer and those around you. Its butt takes years to degrade itself by giving the soil and water a huge amount of toxins.


The world’s favorite drink or “milk of capitalism” accumulates demands and sanctions in various countries resulting from serious pollution, poor labor practices and unauthorized use of water.

In the production phase, the company uses almost three liters of water per liter of finished product. The wastewater is a contaminant, which the multinational deposits in protected places, as happened in Colombia, a situation for which it was fined last August by the District Secretariat for the Environment of the Mayoy Mayorship of Bogota, proving that it had downloaded its Debris in the Capellania wetland, in the area of ​​Fontibón.El fact is considered as an offense against an area of ​​special importance and ecological protection. The process for contamination of the Capellanía Wetland has its origin in the expiration of the permit of vertimientos granted to the multinacinal for five years and the authorization of the Secretariat of Environment to renew this permission. Subsequently, through technical visits, the status of the Coca Cola sewage system was verified and the discharge of industrial discharges, evidently unauthorized.

A very similar situation occurred in India in 2005, where around a thousand demonstrators marched to ask to close the plant near Varanasi, they were certain that all the communities near to Coca Cola bottling plants suffer the lack and contamination of Its soil and groundwater table. Toxicological analyzes record the presence of high percentages of pesticides banned as DDT and as “good neighbors” distributed their industrial waste to Mehdigani peasants on the grounds that they were used for “fertilizer”. The result is that today the soils are sterile.

And as if that were not enough, the drink in question, along with consuming excess water does not provide any nutritious element, on the contrary, as it contains high concentrations of sugar, is one of the main contributors of obesity that affects more and more to Our populations of the third world, generating, on the other hand, dental problems. And the effect of “quench the thirst,” is achieved through the use of phosphoric acid.

Did you know …

Spain is the European country that most Coca-Cola consumes?
Other products are Fanta, Sprite, Aquarius, Nestea, Minute Maid, Tab, Sonfil, Finley, Nordic Mist or Fruitopia (there are 324 distinct)?
A can of 33 cl. Contains about 35 gr. of sugar?
In 1931 Coca-Cola changed Santa’s green suit to red for an advertising campaign, matching his corporate color?
Other universities in Atlanta, Toronto, California, Ireland or Berlin have already expelled Coca-Cola from its Campus?
The plastic bottles of Coca-Cola in Spain are not made of recycled material, but of virgin plastic.
Is it possible that former Mexican President Fox is a former Coca-Cola representative? And Adolfo Calero, former manager of Coca-Cola, agent of the CIA and public face of the Nicaraguan counter? And the US ambassador to India? And the coup mogul Cisneros, in Venezuela? And Minister Jorge Presno, from Uruguay?
It has delegations in more than 200 countries, including tax havens like Bahrain or the Cayman Islands, to evade taxes on their profits …
In 2003, they made a profit of 21,044 million dollars (half of the expenses planned by the UN to guarantee basic education for all children in the world).
It pushed strong lobbyists: it opposed the Kyoto treaty through its lobbys US Council for International Business and the Business Round Table, changed regulations in the EU through the American Chamber of Commerce, was founder of the International Life Science Institute, very Influential in FAO and WHO, etc.
Contains transgenic products.
The next time you go for a drink, remember the contamination of the wetlands, the unauthorized use of groundwater, violence, which literally amounts to three liter … maybe a lemonade is better.


As if the massive use of Pfizer in animal experimentation was not heartbreaking enough, Pfizer decided to use Nigerian children as guinea pigs. In 1996, Pfizer traveled to Kano, Nigeria; To test an experimental antibiotic in the third world to combat diseases such as measles, cholera and bacterial meningitis. Trovafloxacin was given to approximately 200 children. Dozens of them died in the experiment, while many others developed physical and mental deformities. Pfizer can also proudly claim that it is among the top ten companies in the United States that cause air pollution.

And let’s not put aside the millionaire “incentives” they give doctors, and governments to prescribe their “medicines.”

Mc Donalds

Every year, thousands of children consume fast food from a company that is actively involved in deforestation, labor exploitation and the death of millions of animals: McDonald’s. Skillfully designed marketing strategies have expanded McDonald’s to more than 40 countries, where the empathetic image of Ronald McDonald and his “Happy Box,” sells children a taste for fast food, associating it with an ideal of joy. This advertising has been very successful in different parts of the world, contributing to high rates of childhood obesity. (See full article)
The food delivered by this company is totally devoid of nutrients. Moreover, this food is known worldwide as ‘junk food’, and it is not for anything that receives this name.
McDonald’s burgers and nuggets come from animals that have been kept in artificial condition for the rest of their lives: Deprived of open air and sunlight, they are crammed to the point that they can not stretch their limbs or wings (in the case of Chickens), crammed with hormones to accelerate their growth, and antibiotics to counter the multiple infections they are exposed to, unhealthy conditions and crowding. Chickens are fattened to the extent that their legs do not resist their weight.
To establish its franchises, McDonald’s acquires low-priced land in what used to be tropical rainforests deforested for cattle ranching. It offers minimum salaries to its employees, taking advantage of ethnic minorities and hiring minors.

McDonald’s products, with their high content of fats, sugar and salt, stimulate in children the development of overweight, insulin resistance and its consequent Type 2 Diabetes.

Oh, did I mention that she was one of the funders of George W Bush’s campaign?


Nestlé and its huge mantle of crimes against man and nature, such as massive deforestation in Borneo – the habitat of critically endangered orangutans – to grow palm oil, and the purchase of milk from farms illegally confiscated by a Despot in Zimbabwe. Nestlé began to provoke environmentalists for their ridiculous claims that bottled water is “green”, from then on have uncovered their sinister network of control and destruction.

Nestlé has made worldwide efforts to urge mothers in third world countries to use their infant milk substitute instead of breastfeeding without warning them of possible negative effects. Nestlé allegedly hired women dressed as nurses to deliver free infant formula, which is frequently mixed with contaminated water, the media did not mention children who died of hunger when the formula ran out and their mothers could not afford to pay more.

British Petroleum

Who can forget the 2010 explosion of an oil rig on the Gulf Coast, which left 11 dead and thousands of birds, sea turtles, dolphins and other animals, destroying fishing and tourism industry in the region? This was not BP’s first crime against nature. In fact, between January 1997 and March 1998, BP was responsible for a whopping 104 oil spills. Thirteen drilling crew workers died in 1965 during an explosion, 15 in a 2005 bust. Also in 2005, a ferry carrying BP oil workers crashed, killing 16. In 1991, the EPA cites BP as The most polluting company in the US. In 1999, BP was charged with illegal poisoning in Alaska, then in 2010 for filtering very dangerous poisons into the air in Texas. In July 2006, Colombian farmers won an agreement with BP after the company was accused of benefiting from a terror regime carried out by Colombian government paramilitaries protecting the Ocensa pipeline. Clearly, there is no way for BP to do the right thing.


Monsanto, creators and promoters of genetically modified foods, bovine growth hormones and agrotoxic poisoning. Monsanto’s list includes the creation of the “exterminator” seed, which creates plants that never give seeds so farmers have to buy each year, lobbying to label “hormone-free” milk and milk substitutes for infants ( Is present if the bovine has ingested growth hormones, a proven carcinogen), as well as a wide range of environmental and human health violations associated with the use of Monsanto poisons. Agent Orange “, especially. Between 1965 and 1972, Monsanto illegally dumped thousands of tons of highly toxic waste into landfills in the UK. According to the Environment Agency chemicals were polluting groundwater and air 30 years after they were dumped !!.

Monsanto is famous for assaulting the farmers themselves who pretend to “help”, such as when he sued a farmer and jailed him for saving the seed of the harvest from one season to plant in the next.


Vale, a Brazilian transnational company present in 38 countries, is the largest diversified mineral exploration company in Latin America and the second in the world. Among the merits is the company’s participation in the development of the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant, located in Altamira-Brazil, since the project affects the Xingu River, the main source of life for the region. As a result of the company’s intervention, today the Amazon landscape is being severely modified, as well as the lives of thousands of people on one of the main rivers in Brazil.

In Carajás, in Pará, Brazil, many families were evicted, lost their homes and had relatives who died as a result of the construction of a railway line built by the company, also denounced by the terrible wages and conditions of work that Their employees suffer.

The impacts on mining operations are not limited to complaints within Brazil. In the Tete region of Mozambique, a village was evicted from its land so that the company could carry out its coal operation. In return, the company built a settlement in the Cateme neighborhood, where houses and public services do not meet the basic conditions for the development of the population.

There are unfortunately many other corporations that should be present in this list, some like Samsung, Tepco, Barklays, Microsoft, Intel, Sony … etc

As the article would be enormously long and sad, I promise to hand over to you the list of the 10 most responsible and committed multinationals, will they exist? Will it be true? Soon we will know.



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