New World Order Illuminati Plan

new world order plan

Illuminati means (Lucifer light bearers) because they serve Satan and its purpose is to take control of the planet with the so-called new world order illuminati. In these modern times it is also called globalists, one world people. This elite of Illuminatis belong to the highest degrees of Masonry. It is known as the invisible government behind governments and they are responsible for world events because they control the world.

They are rich and powerful people who control the economy through the central banks and political parties all around the world. The Illuminati own the Federal Reserve, they create paper money that doesn’t exist and lend it and bear interest on the loan given to nations.

For this reason they make wars to earn money from the debts of nations.  Illuminati controls the press, and large corporations. They also control the educational system of the United States through a United Nations organization called UNESCO. It was the Illumiatis who created the United Nations under the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) organization because this CFR organization is made up of Illuminatis.

The New World Order Illuminati serve the money god and Satan. And they hate Christianity and want to remove it using arguments of separation of church and state.

They believe in pagan religions of ancient times such as Babylonian, Egyptian and Celtic because they are Satanic because they violate the first Commandment that says “you will not have false gods before God because you would only worship God.” They have taken the best of all pagan religions and have joined it. They are the ones who will impose the world religion under the auspices of the United Nations under the name of the new age.


And they have infiltrated the political parties of the United States, both Republican and Democrat. The Illuminati have created sects to cause confusion among Christians. Examples of these sects that have been created by the Illuminati are Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons and many evangelical sects. They have infiltrated high positions of the Catholic Church to cause a schism in the Catholic Church as for example the “Catholic Free Choice” movement, this explains the scandals in the church.

One theory says that in the 1776 Adam Weishaupt professor at the University of Ingolstodt, Bavaria (Germany) founded the order of the Illuminati World (Lucifer light bearers). This is a satanic order to continue the masonic work. Adam believed in Satanism and humanism.

Humanism teaches that a person can have powers like God with the help of demons. He spent 5 years writing with help of the new world order, and he was paid by Rothschild Dynasty to develop methods to achieve the control of the world a single world government. Adam called this world government “The Novus Ordo Seculorum” that translated into Spanish is The New World Order illuminati, which is also the title of his book published on May 1, 1776. “The Novus Ordo Seculorum” in Latin appeared in the ticket of the American dollar in the year 1776 in Roman numbers “MDCCLXXVI”.

This pyramid is called the Masonic Pyramid. At the top of the pyramid is the eye of Satan with the inscription “Annuit Coeptis” which means “Lucifer is happy to take power”. President Roosevelt  belonged to the CFR (Council on Foreign Relation) was a 33rd degree mason, he was the one that ordered to put  behind of the ticket of  the masonic pyramid to give him his victory, fulfilling his dream of creating the United Nations as a step for the new world order. Many people believe that the birth of the United States is honored in 1776.

On July 16, 1782, Wilhelmsbad’s congress in Germany, the order gave instructions to take control of the Illuminati order within the masonry world-wide.

The goals of the New World Order are seven:

  1. – Abolish all national governments
  2. – Destroy all religions except Satanism
  3. – Contaminate the family
  4. – Abolish private property
  5. – Destroy patriotism
  6. – Abolish the property of inheritance with high taxes
  7. – Creation of a world government under the Illuminati-controlled United Nations

Then I am going to present a summary of the book entitled “From a Nymph of Satan to a Bride of Christ” written by Vicent de Paul of the religious order Immaculate Heart. In this book is related what Klotilde Bersome lived when he belonged to this order of Illuminati, who later became Catholic, and became the sister Marie Amelie in a convent in Paris.

Klotilde Bersome was a very beautiful young woman who at age 17 received honors for being an excellent student because at that age she could speak six languages. His father who was a Mason, gambling lost 60,000 lilies ($ 700) by 1870. His father agreed to sell him his daughter Klotilde in exchange for debt to the Grand Lodge.

This Lodge was connected to six other Illuminati Lodges around the world. When Klotilde entered the order illuminati reached the highest rank as the wife of Satanas and queen of the order Illuminati.

After a while on the order Klotilde was raped by American General James Abram Garfield, and then made her his mistress.

Klotilde was filled with hatred for what happened to her, that after this event she decided to learn all the secrets of the Grand Lodge to be revealed against all the Masonic lodges.

How the New World Order of the Illuminati worked, and what happened within the Grand Masonic Lodge reported by Klotilde.

The oath made to satan by Klotilde within the Grand Lodge was as follows:

  •  “I accept you as the highest being where I dedicate all my thoughts and actions. You have all the supremacy of the universe, and everything that moves is your creation.
  •  “The heavens and the earth belong to you, where your glory is proclaimed, which is the image of your greatness and superiority. You are the protector of the enemies of Christ the crucified.
  •  “In your name, I curse God, the Trinity, the Virgin Mary, listen, those who follow you, and those who are with you.
  •  “We trust in you the revelations, in your faith of all created things, by visible and invisible things. I have the right to receive what you know.”

After this oath and a few songs in the Yiddish language, the Beast came to life. The Beast was a white marble statue that had 7 heads, where Masons called it “The Dragon Hydra”.


Through this Beast, Satan approved or disapproved of decisions made by the Masonic Legions around the world. The Beast ordered action against the Catholic Church for being the true church of Christ. The Beast also revealed to Klotilde of all the errors of the Protestant sects.

In the new world order initiation ritual, the following text was used in the pact with Satan:

  •  “I renounce the belief of one God, I renounce the Holy Trinity, I renounce the sacrifice of the crucifixion of Christ of the Catholic Church, I give all my undisclosed secrets to the spirit of satan, I give my will to him, all my being, my actions, and my thoughts, I will invoke him so that he may live in me, possess me, and direct my life. In the name of Satan I curse Christ, and his only true Catholic Church, and its sacraments. “

In the rite of initiation the new member had to commit an act of sacrilege, to desecrate a consecrated host stolen from the Catholic Church.

A Catholic apostate named Abbot who was known as Mazati went to a Grand Lodge with 120 hosts consecrated to commit sacrileges on Holy Friday. After doing the prayer, ritual, and all satanic rite, the Marble Beast “the Dragon Hydra” came to life.


The experience within a Grand Lodge of the Illuminati World in Paris was reported by Klotilde to the Mother Superior after Klotilde became a Christian and became Sister Marie Amelie. The mother superior told her to publish, and to make it known. The book was published in 1885. The duplicate of the manuscript of his written work is in the archives of the Catholic Convent in Paris France.

Pope Leo XIII published on April 20, 1884 an encyclical titled “Humanum Genus” in which the masonry was condemned, and detailed the plan to take control of the world.

Benjamin Disraeli, Cardinal Newman, and Cardinal Manning, also in the 19th century testified to the power of these secret organizations behind thrones, and behind Communism.

Masonry has been behind revolutions, and wars worldwide.1) French Revolution

  1. – Revolution of Turkey and Poland
  2. – Revolution of Italy
  3. – Russian Revolution
  4. – Revolution in the Philippines
  5. – World War I
  6. – World War II

Masonry from 1717 not only has as its purpose the destruction of Christianity, but also incorporate the new world order as an agenda and please;
Join the Anti-World Order!


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