Ufos in Antarctica


For many years scientists from around the world have devoted themselves to studying UFOs in Antarctica. However the results are very confusing, but there are hundreds of people who say that in Antarctica there are UFOs or even a spaceship.


If you are not clear that they are UFOs, it is the abbreviation of the word unidentified flying object. Also this refers to the observation of a flying object that can be real or not, but which the observer can not identify with certainty.

In the same way an UFO is considered to these objects of which they are not known the origin after to follow up or investigation. However, the word UFO arises to replace “flying saucer”. Because it did not encompass so much what was really wanted to define with it.

Some people use the term to refer to extraterrestrials, but this is not correct. However, scientists have decided to include them in this term given that they coincide in one thing, it is unknown where they come from.

UFOs in Antarctica

Antarctica has long been considered an inhospitable and lifeless place. In addition to being a rather unexplored place, it is covered by a great layer of very dense ice that hinders the development of life. However many people think that it is the perfect place for beings from another planet to come to life.

Recently an object was discovered in this little explored place, which caused the scientific community to be shocked by such a finding. However this discovery is not the only one realized in history.

Not long ago also a fairly shocking photo was published on the internet, in which they were shown to four tank of war located in front of an unidentified object. All the objects were covered by a thick layer of snow and another of total mystery.


Object Specifications

According to researchers and scientists who are experts in the subject such as Valentine Degterev, the object in question would be a UFO, ie an unidentified flying object. Also this object would have been trapped in the frozen ground of Antarctica some years ago, after crashing.

As testified by Degterev, the unidentified object measures 20 or 70 meters and is still not getting a rational explanation to be there. Just as you can not say that it belongs to the human race or Planet Earth.

For the curious, the satellite of Google Earth has a photograph of the location of the object in question. This way, using the location coordinates, which are 68º 24’6.23 ”S, 76º 8’37.42′ ‘E. However, you can see a panoramic view of where the UFO is.

Likewise, this is not the only thing without rational explanation that is obtained in the Antarctic, since previously they have also been, formations and other objects that continue without being explained.



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