Simbology of Colors


From ancient times to the present, throughout the world, colors have acquired different meanings, and with more research, their impact on human mind and behavior is better understood.

Day by day we associate each color with a mood or with a specific sensation, such as peace, joy, violence or sadness. And it is because each color transmits a different emotion, which can vary from one geographical region to another. In view of the impact of colors on our minds, it is important to know the different connotations of each one.

Black and white

White is the synthesis of all colors. That is why it is recognized as a symbol of unity and the color of perfection. But it also represents purity, positive energy, innocence and good feelings. White bodies always give an impression of luminosity, cleanliness, and sterility; also inspire safety and freshness. White is universally associated with peace.

Black really is the lack of color, in the total absence of light. Usually, it is given a negative connotation, because it represents nothingness, death, mystery, malignity, and pain. However, black is seen from other perspectives as a symbol of elegance, power, seriousness, nobility, and sophistication.

Gray, obviously a mixture of the two above, is the center of everything, so it is associated with indecision, lack of energy, neutrality, doubt, and melancholy, depending on its intensity. Gray can give a feeling of coldness.

Warm colors

The warmth or coolness of a color is given by the thermal sensation it transmits, as perceived by the human eye. The three main warm colors are yellow, orange and red, going through all their tonalities.

Yellow evokes energy and happiness. It also symbolizes will, confidence, optimism, and strength. It stimulates mental activity but can have a disturbing effect, so it is not recommended to abuse it because it can provoke anger or anxiety.

Orange is stimulating for those shy or sad people. It inspires security, comfort, and serene joy, it is cozy.

Red is considered an aggressive color and loaded with energy, has a lot of emotional impacts, is associated with love, desire, and passion. It excites the mind and accelerates the pulse.

Cold colors

Just as there are warm colors, there are also cool colors, violet, blue and green.

The violet is a mystical color very spiritual and majestic. It stimulates creativity and symbolizes reflection, lucidity, and experience.

Blue is one of the most beneficial colors for both body and psyche because it provides the feeling of stability, power, faith, confidence, and calmness. It also symbolizes intellectuality and wisdom. But it also has negative aspects, it can lead us to think of indifference or coldness.

Green is the most tranquil and healing color of all. It always reminds us of nature, it inspires inner peace and hope. It represents balance, harmony, serenity, rest, it is very appealing. Its negative side is related to lack of maturity, jealousy, and madness.

The usefulness of the symbology of colors is quite broad, as it is present in many areas. For example, Fashion and Advertising are meant to stimulate their customers in a specific way, using colors according to the reaction they awaken in others.



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