Telepathy and Telekinesis: Do They Exist?


Topics such as telepathy, which is just the ability to communicate with other beings using only our thinking, or telekinesis (the power to move objects without physical contact, with the mind) become the tariff of many conversations, whether scientific or simple talks at the bar of a bar.

Many religions, including spiritualism and Buddhism, talk about the power of clairvoyance, telepathy, and mediumship. Spiritualism affirms that it is possible to communicate with spirits – and, therefore, with other people – through our mind. While Buddhism affirms that it is possible to raise mental power to the maximum, using telepathic faculties and telekinesis only with the constant practice of yoga. The accounts of both religions are broad on these two topics, but everything seems to be submerged in a “secret” that is not accessible to those who do not fully enter the teachings of these religions.

What science says

For many decades, many scientists and professionals have promoted experiments to obtain real evidence of the existence of these mental faculties.

Almost 100 years ago, for example, in the 1920s, scientists from the former Soviet Union conducted a series of studies with a housewife who claimed to be able to move objects with the force of the mind: her name was Nina Kulagina.

Nina was a 33-year-old Russian and claimed that she had inherited from her mother, the power of telekinesis. According to her, when her mother became angry, objects in her house began to move. In the studies carried out by the Russian scientists, Nina had to move objects without touching them, and several experiments were carried out in various environments and in the face of various adversities. In these experiments, his heartbeat reached the last mark of 240 bpm, a fact that later caused him a fulminating infarction and death, due to his constant effort in the experiences.


Scientifically speaking, to move objects without touching them, our body would have to shoot such strong electric shocks to create around us an electromagnetic field capable of moving the objects around us. Our brain already does something similar with the muscles of our body, sending electrical impulses to move them. However, these impulses are very weak to be able to directly influence the materials around us and to intensify these impulses would imply increasing the way we produce them, practically giving an overclocking in the natural way in which we create these electric discharges – which justifies the Exceptional increase in a heartbeat in Nina Kulagina.

Even so, scientists still deny telekinesis. Let’s say that the opinion of the majority is that no … there is no telekinesis, except in the movies. Experiments such as that of the Nina are isolated cases and are not used as absolute proof of the existence of this mental/psychic faculty.

As for telepathy, science seems to be more “safe” in its existence. Telepathy is not limited to communicating with other beings through the mind, but also encompasses divination and prediction without the help of the common senses. Some studies were conducted in the early twentieth century, the psychologist John Edgar Coover, Stanford University, in the United States, where a group of supposedly telepathic people would have to transmit and guess a series of letters with different designs … and the rate of success of these reached the incredible mark of 160/1. Even so, John did not consider the results of his experiment enough to reach a positive conclusion.

Ten years after the experiences of John E. Coover, in 1927, the experiments of Joseph Banks Rhine (J. B. Rhine), an American biologist and researcher of parapsychology, entered the scene.

Rin conducted tests with a group of people who called themselves telepaths under much more controlled conditions than those of their predecessors, involving divination of cards with various drawings, which were known as Zener cards. Being a great researcher in this area, Rin joined the decades of controlled study and evaluations to launch his first book, “Extra Sensory Perception” (Extra Sensory Perception), coining the term EPS, widely used in studies linked to the parapsychology

Therefore, although science has not yet given its official opinion on the matter, the existence of telepathy is better accepted than that of telekinesis. Let’s say that the answer to the existence of telepathy is that it does exist, although it is not very commented. It is believed that, at some point in our future evolution, we can communicate with other beings only with our mind.



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