The Power of Candles


Many people believe that a candle is only an instrument used to lighten the environment when there is no electrical power. On the other hand, in a spiritual field, the color of candles is usually associated with a certain time and meaning. For example:

White candle

It is the color of peace, of spirituality. It is connected to Saturn and the Moon. It represents purity and sincerity. Excellent to awaken intuition, imagination, creativity, inner peace and fertility. It is also used for the reconquest of optimism and hope. They are lit when you want peace, cleansing service, healing, reconciliation, harmony, and lighting at home.

It purifies the whole organism, helps in the cure of stomach diseases, the lymphatic system and the central nervous system.


Orange Candle

It represents gold, wealth and the Sun. It is an excellent assistant for those who spiritualize and increase their mental power. It is linked to the Sun. It attracts success, honors, fame, popularity, luck, prosperity.

The orange candle is used to give thanks for everything we have received. Also used to seek and ask for joy, peace, and tranquility; to encourage creativity, entertainment and pleasures and artistic and sports activities; to protect on long trips, to protect marriage and commitment. It helps protect the heart, the spine, and promotes fertility.

Red Candle

The red candle is linked to physical beauty, sensuality, vitality, and passion. It helps to connect with the basic chakra and with the ground forces. It is linked to courage, courage, determination, strength, action, dynamism, strength, protection, conquest and directing matters related to the matter, work and money so that there is triumph and the rapid evolution of events.

It is the color linked to Mars. It has the function of removing negative energies. It provides vitality to the whole body, protects the head, sexual organs, urinary tract, kidneys and improves blood circulation.

Yellow Candle

It is the candle of communication, related to reasoning and logic.

The yellow candle should be lit when there is a need for energetic healing, clarify the mind, open the intellect, sign the thoughts, develop the spirituality and rapid changes of situations occur. They also light up when we want to conquer joy; achieve professional and financial success, wealth, the conquest of creativity; intelligence; success in the area of administration. Also to sell your own image, a power of persuasion. It also helps in the studies.

Helps to overcome shyness and intensifies memory, also helps in the cure of psychosomatic diseases. It protects the lungs, the respiration, the nervous system, and the intestines.

Pink Candle

The pink candle symbolizes love and relationships of intense affection. Awakens sensitivity and pure feelings. It is linked to the requests of love and the union between couples.

Used in rituals to attract loving happiness next to the beloved. Harmonizes the marriage bonds. Being a color linked to Venus, it balances the relationships between people, family, co-workers; intensifies self-esteem, beauty and unconditional love and the ability to relate, likewise, calms emotions.

Protects sensitivity, metabolism, functions of the kidneys, female sexual organs, the lower back, and hair.

Violet or lilac candle

Violet is the color of Saint Germain, the ascended master of the Violet Flame. It is related to Jupiter and Neptune. Help in the purification of being. Increase the capacity for sacrifice and perseverance. It must be turned on when there is a need to transmute energies, transform negativity, have inspirations, increase intuition, combat stress and relax.

It has the power to transmute karma, bring spiritual balance and harmonize the ups and downs that life can offer an individual. Help with professional and higher education. The purple or purple candle is the Flame of Initiation, and there is no big or small flame that does not have to go through its domains. His flame will always drive us in our progress and business, commercial and spiritual development.

It acts on the pancreas and the hormonal metabolism, the blood circulation and the purification of the blood.

Green candle

The green candle symbolizes calm, tranquility and balance. This candle helps in the realization of our dreams and goals. And also the candle that awakens vitality and recovers vital energy. It symbolizes stability, fidelity, responsibility, perseverance, longevity, and success in the profession.

It is the sacred color of Venus. Used in spells to attract abundance, abundance, prosperity, the conquest of material goods, employment, health, healing, growth, luck, personal goals, stability, solidity, perseverance, responsibility, the depth of thoughts and actions, longevity, wisdom, High Magic, triumph and success in the profession. This candle is capable of giving us a true fortune, without having to renounce the Spirit.

Blue candle

The blue candle should be lit when you want to acquire calm, serenity, wisdom, develop and work paranormal powers, sensitivity, intuition and have an expansion of projects.

Light blue, awakens internalization, tranquility, peace, and harmony. Effective in the fight against fear.

Protects the throat, larynx, pharynx, thyroid, and neck. It is connected to Venus and Uranus.

Brown Candle

It is linked to Mercury. It makes people put “their feet on the ground” and focus on life.

They should be used in rituals prepared for people who have not yet conquered material success since they help in the conquest of goods, property, personal fulfillment and their life goal. Used in spells linked to justice, truth and agreements. The brown candle should always be lit in homage to the protective gnomes of the house, so that they do not disturb the peace of the residents and so that they can give luck and prosperity.

Black Candle

It is not a negative color as many think. It is linked to Saturn, the Moon, and Pluto. Black is a very powerful color that must be used whenever we want concrete answers to our objectives. Black is the only color that has no specific purpose since it is always used to attract what we want, about ourselves or about other people, whether they are good or bad things, be it life or death, health or illness, The success or failure.

It is always good to remember that the color black attracts itself to anything. This applies to clothing and candlelight. Therefore, the black candle should be used only in esoteric rituals and by an initiate, because only he will know exactly what kind of forces it is attracting. It is the color of knowledge of good and evil, that is why it is linked to witchcraft in all its manifestations.

Gray Candle

It is linked to Saturn. It is a candle color that should be avoided since its main attribute is to bring sadness, depression, and grief. However, it can be used on the altar to represent that which limits, represses or harms us. Usually, when we use a gray candle for this function, it is broken at the end of the ritual, which symbolizes the breakdown of the evil that limits us.

Silver Candle

It is the energy of the Moon. Remove the negative forces and expand the astral and spiritual plane.

Golden Candle

It is the energy of the Sun. When we unite the forces of the Sun and the Moon, we work with the fullness of light and positive vibrations, attracting peace, prosperity, wealth, health.



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