¿Why is the 666 Considered the Number of the Devil?


In the Bible the number 6 is considered imperfect and hostile to the good, and not only in the Christian religion is it linked to evil; but also in Judaism and Islam.

The best-known explanation of why 6 has this meaning and why 666 will end up relating to the beast of destruction is found in the book of Revelation, the last in the Bible, even though many people do. they would have met through Iron Maiden or other metal groups.

This number is found in chapter 13, verse 18, where you can read the following passage: “Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding count the number of the beast, because it is man’s number, and his number is six hundred and sixty-six. ” Theologians Isidoro Mazzarolo and Leomar Brustolin help interpret the text, in order to understand the meaning of the famous satanic number.

First, the biblical text says that the number 666 is the number of a man. According to Brustolin, who coordinates the postgraduate course of the Faculty of Theology of the PUCRS, the man to whom the author refers is César Nero. Nero was one of the emperors of Rome who persecuted the Christians most. That is why the followers of Christianity came to call him the emperor of “the beast”; since he was known to them for being an extremely cruel and intolerant ruler. So that they were not repressed for facing Nero, they decided to use a kind of code to refer to the tyrant. The faithful related the Hebrew letters that form the name of the emperor with numbers; as it was already a tradition in the Jewish religion (and, of course, in the Kabbalah).

In the Hebrew alphabet, this name (César Nero), in number, is reduced to these three digits, says Brustolin. The theologian Isidoro Mazzarollo adds that the Apocalypse did not want to reach only Nero, but all the perverse emperors. Any king who is evil, any despot who is evil, is, in fact, a beast to the author of the Apocalypse; so any tyrant could be related, likewise, to the number of the beast.

In addition, there is a symbology of Christianity, which attributes meanings to all numbers. Within that symbology, Brustolin explains that the number six was, several times, cited in the Bible as the imperfect number and hostile to good. The fact of being repeated three times means the fullness of its meaning.

To have a better idea, and a contrast, the 7 is the perfect number. It belongs to God and, therefore, symbolizes the divine ideal. Six is ​​the symbol of what divinity does not reach. It is a symbol of the human. About the number seven, it is not possible to reach it. There is a huge chasm between man – identified with the number six of imperfection – and his Creator, identified with the number seven, complete and perfect.



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