A Pact With the Devil


A pact with the devil is a “treaty” between a person and the devil to ask favors (wealth and power). By making animal sacrifices (but especially human ones), you are entitled to all earthly wealth, but this is not gratuitous and risk-free. The methods for compromising with the devil are varied and diverse.

Are all the ways to make a fortune suddenly have to do with a deal with the devil? No, many people have become legally wealthy. So we can not blame everyone for having agreed with the devil. What we know in esoterism and occultism is that there are ways of having relationships with djinns (agreement can be reached with the demons in the form of exchange, sacrifices, etc.)

Every day that passes, you come across some very rich people, the people you know can become poor and were rich overnight. Ever wondered what his wealth was really about? Probably some of them made a pact with the devil.

Why did we come to the conclusion that they made a pact with the devil? Witchcraft, the pact with the devil aims to ask earthly favors to an infernal spirit, the pact signed between the witch and Lucifer is kept secret and is irrevocable. The covenant is to voluntarily renounce God and follow Satan. So if you decide to make a covenant with the devil, you will promise to stay on Satan’s side until the day of judgment. To deal with Satan is to sell your soul. In this way, you will be under the influence of an evil villain. Satan makes you rich and important in the eyes of the people, but deep down you will be depressed because you will not be master of yourself. You will be under the control and under the command of Satan.

Is this pact with the devil there are risks in the short or long term? You will have believed to obtain the glory and the wealth, and even the strength of the grace of Satan, but Satan will make fun of you … Satan hates human beings, will obey and you will have to do everything he expects of you; Once you get what you want: obedience and servitude you will get all the misfortunes. You will enjoy what you do, the demon will laugh at you and your naivety.

There are several ways to sign a pact with the devil that require a lot of patience and tenacity. It is an invisible spirit, hidden as it tries to convince humanity of its physical and spiritual non-existence. However, it is still possible to make a pact with the devil but will have to take into account the warnings and arm you with patience, obstinacy.

My last word is that every person is bound to his lot, God is the only creator and giver of life. Making sacrifices for wealth and power through illicit channels is not worth it and although at first, you feel good you can end up really bad. The devil can help you get rich. This step is lawful and possible, although not without inconvenience. Although you may have to keep in mind that God can also help you to have prosperity for a lifetime and live comfortably.

Ritual to make a pact with the devil

There are several rituals, in order to make a Covenant with Lucifer. This ritual that follows was created by the “Brotherhood of Satan”, a satanic brotherhood of the United States.

Preparation of the ritual in which you are going to make a deal with the devil
The ritual must be performed on a full moon night.
Plan the covenant with the devil one week before the day of the same is done.
Do not use drugs and alcoholic beverages 3 days before the ritual.
Do not practice sex or masturbation 3 days before the ritual.
Choose a totally black clothing for the ritual and wash it 1 day before the ritual.
On the day of the ritual clean the place where it will take place.
Doing some purification ritual of body and soul, of your choice, can be even a bath of coarse salt … (to remove all negativity).

All materials indicated must be new, that is, never before used.

  • 3 candles (white, black, red);
  • 1 sheet of parchment;
  • 1 writing pen,
  • 1 needle of the virgin;
  • 2 incenses of sandalwood;
  • 1 inverted staff enlargement;
  • 1 glass or glass filled with red wine;
  • 1 normal black pencil;
  • 1 bell;
  • Shallow dish that supports the fire;


It has to be a place at its height, not on the ground. It can be a table.

On the altar to place the image of the staff in the center “standing”, or place it on the wall in the direction of the altar, or you can put it on the plate.

Then place the 3 candles. The white one on the left side, the black on the center, and the red one on the right side of the altar. The candles should form a triangle in the center of the table. Incenses should be placed one on each side, on the left side, just above the candle, and the other on the right side. The plate should be placed in the middle of the table, amid candles and incenses. The glass or cup should be placed on the right side of the table, next to the plate. Do not put anything in this dish as it will be used to place the parchment on fire.

You must study the invocations before the ritual can do, to decorate more or less, not to err at the time of ritual! Everything must be done correctly. The place of the ritual should be a quiet place where there is no noise, so as not to be disturbed during the ritual. Concentration at the time of ritual is fundamental, and nothing can disturb.


Invocation to Lucifer;
The renunciation and proclamation;
The “Our Father” Prayer inverted (blasphemy);
Invocation of the Burning of the Covenant;
Closing the Ritual
Now to prepare for the ritual, be sure that is what you really want to do, after the fact the covenant can not go back. Be prepared and aware of what you are doing.

Put on your black robes and focus on the target.

– place the red wine in a glass;

– Light the candles;

– Light incense;

Take on the bell

Invocation to the devil:

Renich Rate Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer <(repeats 3 times in a row) To the east, I call it, and in the air of enlightenment.Yo (full name), I invoke your name and your power.Oh, Emperor of Hell.Master of all Lord Lucifer, speak, Within this body, within this Temple that I have prepared. Come to me, Lord Lucifer, manifest. I am here to Ask for your help. Come to me, Lord Lucifer, manifest. Open the Gates of Hell so that I can enter and be able to become like you. Open the Door of Lord Lucifer so I can enter. Come to me, Lord Lucifer, Manifest. I wish to make a Covenant. Come to me, Lord Lucifer, manifest. Lucifer I invoke Your name. Renen Rate Uberaca Biasa Raise Lucifer (repeats 3 times). I invoke the presence of the masters Satan, Leviathan, Belial, Astaroth, Azazel, Baal-Beryth, Beelzebu, Abbadon, Asmodeus, Verrine and Flereous witness of this pact. Lucifer, his rictus.Guarde Precepts is Lucifer, the Lord of the World. ”
Take 1 drink from the glass.

Concentrate for 30 seconds and continue to the next step.


(Repeat 3 times)

I (full name), in the presence of Lord Lucifer,
I renounce the Holy Trinity,
I renounce God,
I renounce Jesus Christ,
Nigga Jesus Christ who makes a mistake.
I renounce the Holy Spirit.
I renounce the Angels and Archangels,
To deny God, the creator of the earth and of heaven.
I renounce the Sacred Catholic and Christian Church.
I renounce all that is sacred and all that is good.
I renounce all the Gods.
I proclaim that Lucifer is the Lord of this World.
I proclaim that Lucifer is the God of the Earth.
I proclaim that Lucifer is my Master. ”
Take 1 drink from the glass.

Concentrate for 30 seconds and continue to the next step.


(Repeated 3 times the inverted Our Father)

… this is the father-ours invested in the American version.

Nema! Livee morf your revilled tub
Noishaytpmet ootni ton suh deel
Suh tshaiga sapsert that yeth
Vigrawf yo za sesapsert street suh vigrawf
Derb ilaid street yed sith suh vig
Neveh ni sí za thre ni
Nud eeb weight loss eyth
Muck mod-ngik eyth
Main eyth eeb dwohlah
Neveh ni tra chioo
Rertharf the street !!! ”
Take 1 drink from the glass.

Concentrate for 30 seconds and continue to the next step.


Take in black pencil and on parchment.

You are going to write the pact with the devil on the parchment, after writing the pact with the devil, take the virgin needle and stick the thumb of your left hand, with the pen “penalty”, take that blood and steady on the Parchment under the contract. Soon after signing the contract burn the parchment in the central candle of his altar. And follow the notice that is behind the text of the contract.


“I (full name)
In the name of Lucifer and by the power of Satan, Astaroth, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Abbadon, Azazel, Belial, Leviathan, Baal-Berith, Verrine, Flereous and all the demons of hell,
I make this covenant with you, Lord Lucifer,
Delivering my body,
Delivering my mind,
Delivering my soul,
For Lord Lucifer, My eternal Master.
In return, I ask (put your request here)
I accept his laws and his words, and I am fully aware that he will be punished with a terrible death if I am to break this covenant.
If the Lord gives me the things that I desire in seven years, the Lord will have full control over my soul.
I promise loyalty, I will never forget this alliance.
My flesh is the flesh.
My blood is your blood.
So be it done.
Sign your full name with your blood.

Now you are going to burn this parchment in the fire of the candle that is in the center of the altar (the black candle). But before you burn, you have to do the way you send the Notice.


– repeat 3 times before burning the parchment.

– Repeat 3 times while the spell is burning.

– Repeat 3 times after the parchment has finished burning.

I (full name)
I surrender my body to Lucifer,
I surrender my mind to Lucifer,
Commending my soul to Lucifer,
My flesh is his flesh.
My blood is your blood.
(Take the rest of the chalice and say:
Lucifer accept this covenant, my sacrifice ”
You make the prayer to Lucifer and at the end rings the bell 9 times to close.
Prayer to Lucifer:
“Mr. Lucifer,
Master of the World,
Lord of the Air,
Master of the Earth,
I thank you for your glorious presence,
Be with me always,
Thank you for accepting this pact,
I thank the presence of the masters Satan, Astaroth, Beelzebu, Asmodeus, Abbadon, Azazel, Belial, Leviathan, Baal-Beryth, Verrine, Flereous,
Here I close this ritual, happy and satisfied, Keep Lucifer, Amen. ”
Ring the bell 9 times.

(Let the candles and incense burn to the end)



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