Dangers of the occult

occult dangers

“What’s wrong with joining the occult or attending a spiritist session?” Your son might ask. For some, exposure to the occult through fantasy games, media or music could lead to greater participation in a dangerous world.

The main danger of occultism is that it is a way out of God that can bring us into contact with the world of demons. Demonic forces try to deceive and destroy people. Therefore, contact with the demonic generates numerous problems.

First, sects experts and psychologists have documented the connection between occult participation and psychological and emotional disorders. Participants spend many hours studying, practicing and playing games that involve conjuring demons, sacrificing creatures in cruel rites, using fecal occult blood, controlling sinister forces and casting spells to disable and kill their enemies. This can affect a person’s spiritual, mental and emotional state.

Second, there is the danger of demonic possession. Occult arts often require one to empty one’s mind and invite strange spirits to control one’s intellect and body. For example, when operating a pebble board with the fecal occult blood, participants are asked to empty their minds and allow other forces to guide them in trying to get messages. These techniques open the door to demonic possession.

Third, there is the danger of violence against oneself and against others. Many cases of violence and suicides are linked to the occult. Dr. Thomas Redecki, a psychiatrist and president of the National Coalition on Television Violence, has testified expertly in several murder trials that were connected with role-playing and fantasy. He says: “I have found multiple cases of attitudes, values ​​and perceptions of reality that were strongly influenced by immersion in these games.When someone spends 15 to 30 hours a week dreaming how to get out to kill their opponents and steal a treasure, Not surprisingly, the desire to represent it in real life occurs.”

Real cases include the famous occultist of black magic Aleister Crowley. He ended up in an insane asylum for six months after trying to conjure the devil with fecal occult blood. Not only that, but their children died and their wives either went crazy or died as a result of drinking addiction. In Florida, a group of three teenagers was accused of beating the parents of a fourth girl Of your group. These teens participated in the role-play and Vampire fantasy.

There is no benefit in getting into the occult. The Word of God tells us to avoid occultism because it can be addictive and harmful. Instead, Philippians 4 tells us to spend our time in everything true, respectable, just, pure, kind, admirable. What we focus on affects our actions and our outlook on life. Therefore, we must meditate on what builds the mind, body and spirit.



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