The Energies Of Fear And Love


To speak of the energies of fear and love is to speak of the two basic components that shape human interaction in the world in which we live. Obviously, all fear can be transmuted with love, but with “quantum” love, because the “romantic” love that flows through the lower layers of the human energy system has also enough substrate of fear: of fear of being left alone, of fear of that they do not want us, of fear of suffering, of fear of losing the person with whom we are, etc., therefore, that “real” love, or that quantum love that is the polar opposite of fear as energy, is not the love of our films and series, of relationships based on need or mutual benefit, but love as the basic block of creation of all that is conscious and alive in the universe.

The base substrate of Creation

In order to understand love, it is necessary to understand that there is nothing that can exist without a base energy that forms it. That base energy is conscious, and has a vibration, frequency, and quality that makes you see everything as part of everything, and feel part of all that in turn, but that, when it reaches denser levels and becomes a human emotion, and we use the word love to define something that we feel comes from those other higher levels, we are not describing or perceiving but the pale reflection in the physical world of what love is really as energy and substratum in the whole Creation.

There is no way to make the human mind understand this concept if it is not through some kind of sublime experience, in which a connection with this vibration in its purest and most real state can be reached at some point. Those who have glimpsed that love as the basic substratum of Everything, realize how difficult it is to express it and explain it to others, since it is something that only felt, lived and experienced in oneself, through the connection that we all have to other “planes” where this energy is pure, creative and without distortion, luminous and radius, one can understand what it really is. Then, being channeled with more or less distortion towards the physical plane, through the energy system, filtered and colored by the emotions and mental forms, allows us to have a feeling to which we put the same name, love, even if it is only a substitute for the original concept.

Fear, the engine of society

On the other hand, fear is the earthly energy counterpart that keeps a part of the human life system in control, because most people do almost everything out of fear. We will work for fear of lack of resources, fear of being left out in society, fear of having nothing to do, not being used, not being recognized, important, accepted, not being integrated with others, etc. We enter into relationships, sometimes (I do not want to generalize), for fear of being left alone, for nobody to accept us, not follow social norms or see us separated by them, etc. We abide by resolutions, impositions, and orders for fear of consequences, for fear of suffering, for fear of being punished, etc.

So, in general, fear is part of the actions and mechanisms that the elite still uses to govern and control humans. And this why? Because the management program of the psyche, the ego, uses fear as fuel. If we remove the labels associated with both of the energies and see them only as two neutral energies, two different types of “gasoline”, the ego program and the reality management mechanisms needs fear as gasoline for its operation, which is the one with the right “octane rating”. for this part of us, because if we “put gasoline in love”, it does not do well according to the original design, however, it is what we need to insert, to reduce the force, something that many people are already doing with their own inner work of growth and healing, as it cleanses, heals, transmutes and eliminates those fears, reduces fuel for the ego, and lets the higher self conciesness rise.

Enhancing “quantum” love

Once we have understood this, the next step in order to get closer to promoting the use of quantum love is to become aware that there is no way to advance and evolve if we nourish ourselves, provide and generate the fear fuel for it. As this energy operates the automatic mechanisms of the psyche, and, by inertia, the personality we have, and our artificial consciousness, the human being has to make a constant effort to suppress its manifestation and expression when this gasoline makes its appearance in the form of negative emotions, behavior patterns, mental forms and so on. There is no way to stop the activity and function of the programs of the psyche and the ego that work in automatic mode if they are still supplied with fear energy, so that only by understanding, accepting and transmuting them, we gradually remove the substrate and remnants energetics stored in the subtle bodies that produce it, causing the ego and its processes to lose the strength they have at the controls of the body we use.

And is that quantum love is infinite, omnipotent and omnipresent, all human beings as part of our role on the planet have the ability and purpose to channel and project this energy to our physical plane, being responsible for the co-creation of our reality in it, using this raw material of love, as a substratum of construction. But, as you know, this is not usually the case, since we are constantly induced to generate fear and project the opposite of love, due to the peculiar and anachronistic situation in which the human race has existed for millennia, since we continue being currently a generative species of food for other races and groups, beings and beings, which I already talk about in the previous article, that is nourished and live mainly through this other gasoline with little octane and vibrational quality.

In the end, the question is that the ability to tune and generate one or another energy is present in us, that we are the instrument and we have everything necessary for it, and it only depends on the work and conscious choice of each one, that we dedicate ourselves to be a source to enhance one or the other, according to what each one wants for himself, and for the whole of humanity to which he belongs.



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