Esoteric Magic


In order to understand this broad and complex topic we must reformulate the concept of esotericism. Defining esotericism can be a complicated task if we think about it, however, remember that to speak of esotericism is everything that is hidden from the majority.

In the esoteric world we must emphasize that there is white magic and black magic, both are branches of esotericism. The difference is in the forces that are incurred to invoke it.


Esotericism is to be connected with our interior, it is to connect with that most intimate part of ourselves.

The origin of the esoteric word comes from that which is veiled, that is not said publicly, that is hidden. Esotericism and occultism is not the same thing but they are very related, as we are joining Esotericism to other branches such as the occult.

For many religions esotericism is a symbol of evil, and is even considered to be prohibited or considered sins, it is here where misinformation and ignorance play an elementary role in today’s society.

White magic is in the opposite corner of black magic.

But is there a difference? The answer is yes, the difference between the two is that black magic tries to interfere in the lives of others while white magic appeals to the purest of human beings to perform magical acts, and leaves the rest of the energies left to chance , trusting fully in the divine source that is the creator of all that exists.

So if this is the case, white magic is light, and black magic is the absence of light, but as we mentioned both belong to a large branch, that branch is called esoteric magic.

Both are deep within the person and are governed by ancient laws that have a tradition, the esoteric tradition of white magic and the esoteric tradition of black magic.

There are multiple rituals that are going to be linked to each type of magic respectively, the important thing is to know that esoteric magic can encompass both evil and self help or a tool for spiritual enlightenment.

Exercise to enhance the light that is in you and that you can work esoterically with white magic away all the bad thoughts and negative energies.

Get a white candle, Sit comfortably in front of the candle. Turn it on Then say in a very loud voice:

“I am light, peace and harmony and everything that surrounds me is white and pure like me”. Say it seven times. To think that the light floods you and everything around you is filled with that light.

We wanted to share this ritual as a key example, because here a white magic is reflected, a magic for the illumination of the soul, a type of esoteric magic but which does not include damage to another person.

Esoteric magic involves many rites or rituals, RITUALS exist in all religions and also outside them. it is a way of materializing the desire to turn it into reality, where the energy that makes this reality possible is FAITH.

There is no ritual without FAITH. But we must also know that its concretion also depends on the will of God, for this reason many people stop believing in esotericism, because they categorize it as a waste of time and money and the truth is that they do it without faith.

The truth is that many religions have commercialized esoterism, in fact a connection ritual has become truly expensive.

Beyond all the contrast that has been created in esoterism, reality remains marked, and esoterismwill not always be evil.



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