Esoteric Properties of Cinnamon


Cinnamon is one of those plants that we can get from very remote times, was used thousands of years ago in the East for its countless magical properties. Its power is such that mythology tells us that the famous Phoenix Bird was reborn from its ashes, which contained nothing less than cinnamon.

Throughout history its uses have been of the most varied, we can read in millenary books that it was used in things like ointments, in the era in which Jesus lived, or as an element of glory in ancient cities.

Some properties accepted by scientists

For those who believe they are unique owners of knowledge cinnamon has some healing qualities, however before mentioning them, let me tell you that for those who believe a little more in experiences and esotericism the properties of cinnamon have no limit. Some proven properties are:

  • As a cure for the discomfort of the digestive system, specifically in the intestines.
    Its essence is recommended by some doctors for the treatment of pain caused by rheumatism.
  • After a considerable loss of blood, it is recommended to consume cinnamon, no matter how it is made.
  • It has also been shown that consumption of cinnamon steadily improves both appetite and sexual performance.

On the esoteric plane … What can I get from cinnamon?

Well, this area of cinnamon is much wider, we can use it in rituals, spells, and spells to get things like:

  • If you suffer from a depressive state or know someone who feels that it is not worth living, make him try the cinnamon, it is an energetic weapon to recover the joy of life and to connect with the soul of the world.
  • When you feel that a job or job becomes unreachable, cinnamon will help you achieve the spiritual strength you need to achieve your goals.
  • If you want to begin to enter into a state of peace and inner meditation, the cinnamon will guide you to get it in a slightly simpler way.

So … What are the best uses of cinnamon in esotericism?

Light Cinnamon Incense: In almost any spell you can make use of cinnamon incense because its aroma is so powerful that it vibrates all the energies that surround you.

Cinnamon bath: If you submerge in a bath are cinnamon sticks and also add to the bath a little basil will have the perfect scenario to ask the Universe to fill you with abundance and prosperity.

For love spells: The aphrodisiac power of cinnamon, as well as its cheerful smell, make it a great component of love spells, provided they are white magic. Just remember that cinnamon is from the Venus Goddess, so you should perform the rites with this magic plant under the influence of this deity. Also with the cinnamon, you can ask for the potentiality of the masculine.



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