7 Facts That Will Make You Believe in Astrology


Astrology is a serious study, which has been used for millennia by human beings. Many believe that astrology is just the horoscope we read on websites. However, this study goes far beyond the position of the sun at the time of its birth, which determines your main sign. Astrology holds that the positions of many of the celestial bodies at the time of the birth of each human being can determine the personality and different aspects of life, such as finances, relationships, professional life, among others. Know 7 facts that will help you understand what astrology is and why you should believe in it.

A millenary tool

The oldest records on astrology, date from the third millennium a. C .; For this reason, astrology has been a very important instrument in the formation of cultures and had an influence on ancient astronomy. Astronomy and astrology, until the Modern Age, were indistinguishable. If astrology was just a superstition, it would not have lasted that long.

Royalty and astrology

Royalty has always had court astrologers to help them in their decisions. These astrologers were consulted on different topics, such as the most propitious moment to start a war, some political strategy, a wedding, among others. If the astrologer had such an important role in royalty, astrology was highly respected. It was considered when deciding the fate of the entire population and also important figures in history.

Mathematics and astrology

Astrology is not based on intuition and the prediction of the future. It is carried out through mathematical calculations on the positioning of the planets, through the point of view of the observer of the Earth. From this positioning, a correlation is made with the symbols known as signs. The role of the astrologer is to interpret the positions of these planets, and how they will influence the lives of people, by reading their astral chart.

The main sign does not define you

Many people do not identify with the sign when reading a description or a horoscope. The fact of being Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, among others, is defined by the position of the sun at the exact moment of its birth. However, this is a minimal part of your astral map. The study of astrology elaborates an astral map, with the positioning of all the planets of the solar system and the angle between them. Also, calculate the positions of the planets related to the planet Earth and the symbols of astrology. Therefore, the descriptions of each sign do not determine the personality of anyone, it is only a part of a study that can be much deeper and more complex. The astral map is like a DNA, each person has his own. What determines each one a unique personality.

The importance of sources

Astrology has been frowned upon because some swindling astrologers take advantage of people. It is common in all trades that there are good and bad professionals. Some horoscopes, descriptions and astral map readings are made by these astrologers, who are not trusted. This means that many people do not believe in this work, thinking that all professionals are like that. But, there are many respectful astrologers. This is a profession that requires a lot of study and dedication.

Religion and astrology

Some people do not believe in astrology because they believe it is related to some religion, but that is not true. Astrology has no relation to any religion and is independent of any belief. People of different religions, or even atheists, perform the study of astrology. Those who are considered skeptical may be surprised when studying astrology. It is much more linked to an exact science, than to philosophy or spirituality.

The knowledge of being

Astrology goes far beyond predicting the future. It is a way of self-knowledge. In addition to helping people to know each other better, it helps in the understanding of everything and everyone that is part of their life and of the choices that allow the encounter with their true essence. You must use astrology in your favor, it is an excellent tool to optimize your life. By knowing yourself better, you understand your role in the world and, therefore, you become a happier person. Therefore, if you were prejudiced with astrology, seek to know more about it.

Astrology is a millenarian study, made through an observation through the centuries of planetary cycles. This has allowed the discovery of patterns of the movements of the celestial bodies, which influence life on Earth. This is a very complex issue, that is why it is better to seek to understand it better before affirming that astrology is bullshit.



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