The Most Famous Magicians in the World


Many of us have already heard about real-life witches, but when it comes to witches or wizards, they seem to be limited to the Harry Potter books. We have prepared in this post a list of the most famous magicians in the world.

Do you want to meet some famous magicians in history? Here we present them:


01 – Nicholas Flamel

Most Harry Potter fans know this name. In the books, he was the French magician who created the philosopher’s stone and was more than 600 years old when he met Harry. Of course, this is just fiction. In real life, Flamel is known to have been involved in alchemy.

Researchers claimed that Flamel was involved with the art of darkness when he traveled to Santiago de Compostela. When he returned as a magician, people realized that he and his wife had become extremely wealthy and concluded that he had used his magical powers for it.

In fact, Flamel’s wealth came from the two stores he owned and from an inheritance that his wife received. Nicholas Flamel died in 1418, but his story is still widely known to this day.

02 – Chaim Samuel Jacob Falk

Falk was born in Germany in the year of 1708, but fled to London with fear of being condemned to die at the stake; however, he was immediately recognized for his impressive mystical abilities. Apparently, he could move objects with his mind.

It is also said that he saved a great synagogue in London from a fire by writing only a few words in Hebrew on the pillars. Also, he gave a magic ring to the Duke of Orleans to make sure that the line of succession to the throne would remain within the family. The ring was inherited by the son of the Duke, who ended up becoming the French King Louis Philippe.

03 – Paracelsus

Born in 1493 as Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, Paracelsus was a brilliant man who excelled in medicine, astrology, botany, and alchemy. He is the person who gave the name to zinc and is responsible for tracing the psychological roots of numerous diseases. He practiced astronomy along with traditional medicines in order to treat his patients and believed that in order to have good health, a man had to be in harmony with nature.

He developed the “Alphabet of the Magi”, which is a magical language that attracts spirits to help in the healing process of patients.

04 – Papus

Also known as Gerard Eucausse, Papus was born in the year of 1865. He was a hidden writer and even wrote many books about the dark arts he practiced regularly. In 1888 he founded an occult group called “The Cabalistic Order of the Rose-Croix.” It was also part of other magical societies, such as the Order of the Golden Dawn and the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light.

In 1905, when Papus visited Alexandra and Tsar Nicholas II, in Russia, the spirit of the Tsar’s father appeared to him, and he assured that the throne would be lost by his son due to a revolt of the people, but he added that the revolt was not It would happen while Papus was alive. When the magician died, Nicholas was deposed only 141 days later.

05 – Hew Draper

In the 1500s, Hew Draper ran a guest house but was captured and imprisoned in a tower in London, as there were rumors that he practiced witchcraft. When asked about this, he admitted that he liked magic, but he had burned all the alchemy books. While incarcerated in the tower, he decided to add some drawings to those already engraved by the previous prisoners.

The one he designed was something that took everyone by surprise; He recorded a detailed astrological project and fulfilled all the signs of the zodiac. He also wrote his name and a date, May 30, 1561. No one knew the reason for that date, but when the day came, he disappeared; although his body was not found in his cell.



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