Helena Blavatsky’s Biography


(Helena Petrovna Blavatsky or Blavatsky, also known as Madame Blavatsky, Ekaterinoslav, 1831 – London, 1891) Was a Russian writer, initiator of modern theosophy. Her mother was a descendant of the Princes Dolgoruky, and her father, Van Hahn, colonel of the Russian Army, belonged to a noble family of German origin. As a child, Blavatsky showed exquisite sensitivity, great courage, and an iron will.

At seventeen she married an elderly, General Blavatsky, but at the end of three months, she fled from her husband’s castle on horseback. She took refuge in Constantinople, and then, with a Russian friend, she marched to Egypt, where Coptic gave her the first teachings of the occult.

She traveled for some time, and in August 1851 she met an Indian Rajput in London, and there she recognized a character who in her childhood visions had appeared to her as a protector: he was his “Master”, arrived at the capital To entrust her with the task of founding a society for the diffusion of Theosophical doctrine.

Moved by the desire to investigate hidden beliefs and traditions, Blavatsky made many journeys full of adventures and obstacles, such as the one that took her to Tibet; Only rarely was she in Russia. Between 1867 and 1870 he lived in the East and completed her occult formation there.

In 1875 she began to write Isis Unveiled, concluded it in 1877. She continued her later works, The Secret Doctrine and The Voice of Silence. At the same time, Blavatsky founded the Lucifer Magazine, which became The Theosophical Review.

By 1878 the Theosophical Society had already deeply rooted in America and London, and in 1882 established its headquarters in Adyar (Madras). The enormous activity deployed by Blavatsky was undermining her health; she fell ill on April 26, 1891, and died a few days later at her house on Rosad Avenue.



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