Occult Definition


It is assumed that these practices seek to master certain powers that remain hidden, either within our being or in nature. In many cases, the occult is linked with religion, especially with movements that worship the devil.


Catholicism, in the face of this reality and aware that occultism can alienate men from the Christian faith, has fought occultism throughout history, condemning its practices and postulates.

Considering it a thing of the Devil, the Catholic Church way of attacking occultism, was making use of the Holy Inquisition that sent thousands of men and women to the stake.

For traditional science, the occult is linked to the superstitious and to magical beliefs. It is often acknowledged that occultism served as a science when the modern scientific method had not been developed.

Although the definition of occultism is not precise, several disciplines are usually framed within its scope. Astrology and divination, in this sense, are part of the occult. To think that the date of birth of a person can mark his destiny or that a letter is able to indicate what will happen in the future alludes to the action of some occult force, inaccessible to science.

Occult Definition

This leads us to speak, therefore, of the magic of the occult . These exist from practically the origins of the world and are aimed at unraveling the mysteries of nature and enhancing human powers.

Starting from this meaning, we could say that there are numerous examples of them:
Fortune Telling. This comes to be a form of prediction of the future or divination that is realized through cards and subconscious reading. These can be any cards.
Alchemy. One of the oldest occult sciences, without a doubt, it was born in Mesopotamia. From then until today it has unaltered, it comes to be a mixture of medicine, art, chemistry or metallurgy, among other disciplines. Its objectives are the transmutation of its soul, the conversion of the metal into gold or the obtaining of the philosopher’s stone, that of eternal life.
Numerology. This is another divinatory practice which, as its name implies, is based on the use of numbers.
Herbalism. The medicinal plants are the ones that become the tool, base, and essence of this other occult science that uses them extractively to prevent and cure diseases of all kinds.

In the modern age, therefore, occultism is not always associated with the dark or the satanic but can be linked to spiritual practices or mystical beliefs.



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