Occult History


Occultism is the invisible knowledge, the dedication to study occult sciences through knowledge and practices to know and to dominate the secrets of Nature and to develop powers of the human being. The occult has also been related to certain organizations and orders.

The term occultism refers to a group of occult sciences that try to answer the fundamental questions that science is not able to explain or foresee, as well as latent human faculties that it has failed to enhance.

Their disciplines are very varied and of different origins, although the majority has its roots in the old Hellenic tradition.

Occult history has hidden for thousands of years. To study its origins you can read Cornelius Agrippa. Leaping towards the middle of the nineteenth-century, occultism had a period of great apogee.

In France, the Kabbalist Eliphas Lévi produced a dozen of very important esoteric books, among which Dogma and Ritual of High Magic stand out.

Soon, Helena Blavatsky and Henry Olcott in 1875 found in New York the Theosophical Society for the study of the unexplained phenomena of Nature and comparative religions.

Then the occult spread rapidly throughout the West and reappeared Rosicrucian schools, Hermetic and Ceremonial Magic. It would seem that what is most recent is what Nazism tried to accumulate to cover up the maneuvers it made with forces of darkness.

Alchemy is one of the mother branches of occultism. The first alchemists appeared two thousand five hundred years ago in Ancient Greece and their objective was to find the philosopher’s stone and eternal wisdom.

There are three main categories of the occult world: divination, magic, and spiritualism. Divination is an attempt to predict the future and, with it, shape our life accordingly.

The divination arts include astrology, zodiac, crystal balls, tarot cards, palmistry, psychic, numerology, and horoscopes, among others.

The second category is magic or paganism. Those in magic try to control the present through ceremonies, spells, and spells. The magical arts include witchcraft, white magic, witchcraft, Satanism, black masses, and sorcerers, among others. Nowadays some supposed religions such as Santeria, that are included in the sorcery.

Then we have spiritualism, formerly known as necromancy. Those who are involved with this, try to communicate with the dead and receive information or help from them. Spiritism involves ouija tables, séances, among others.



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