Occult Properties of Tangerine


Apart from having a truly delicious taste, this small fruit has hidden for centuries in its interior impressive powers, in ancient China, they already appreciated its value, you don’t believe me? Then you can deduce its importance from the very name of the national language of China: Mandarin.

In those ancient times offering a mandarin to a guest was considered a blessing, but why? Because tangerine has occult properties such as improved mood, promotes connection with our children’s souls, helps ward off fear and distress, among many other things.

Some tangerine benefits proved by scientists

If you are skeptical you may need to rely on expert sources, so I will tell you that according to numerous studies mandarin has qualities that improve your health, such as:

  1. It is one of the best natural antiseptics.
  2. Thanks to its sweet taste it is an antidepressant.
  3. It helps to reassure the nervous system.
  4. It can help you with digestive problems.
  5. It improves the state of your skin.


In occult teachings… What is a tangerine?
If you wish to channel the energies of the universe for a specific purpose or you want to perform rituals, mandarin can help you in a large number of cases, improving the possible outcome of your spells. I will tell you some of the esoteric improvements that I personally appreciate very much of tangerines:

It allows you to cleanse your aura as well as renew the energies of your soul.
It removes negative energies from you, such as nostalgia and melancholy.
If you want your relationship with friends and family to be stronger, tangerine is ideal to achieve it.
When you have insomnia problems, because of anxiety or sadness, then tangerine is a great choice for you.
The loss of a relative is a situation charged with many energies, a very appreciated tool to help families overcome the loss and gradually restore happiness is the smell of tangerine.

That said … How can I use tangerine in esoterism?
Mandarins are so extremely powerful, it has loads of uses and applications in the occult world. You can use it to perform different rites, here I show you some:

Essential oil baths or tangerine oil: When you get in touch with water that has mandarin you will immediately feel calm, relaxed and happy. When you feel bad, you can take this rich bath, but do not be surprised when the water starts to turn dark.
Tangerine incense: It is a way to bring happiness in your home, this unmatchable smell will improve family relationships.



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