Occult Symbols

baphomet occult

This symbol has been called the 5-pointed star, also known as the pentagram.
It symbolizes the protection of the magicians and the control of the spirit, the circle that forms part of this symbol would isolate to the magician of magical attacks.
Man controls all the spiritual elements of nature: fire, water, earth, air, and ether.
These elements are of divine origin, symbolizes the protection, the knowledge of the teachers and the fight against evil.

baphomet occult


The unfinished pyramid and the eye of destiny

This is the control symbol, used by some of the most powerful and secret societies of all time: The Illuminati
The pyramid represents the different social classes that exist, while below the pyramid you find “fewer rights you have, less enlightened you will be and above all else will know to contain your soul”
The people would go down, higher up the people with more purchasing power and at the top, the oligarchs control the governments.
But of course, why is it unfinished? Because the summit invisible to us, those who govern in the shadows would have capacities that go far beyond the earthly ones, they take advantage of the pain and suffering manipulating the humanity
The rays that would be behind the eye of fate symbolize Sirius and symbolize the ancient knowledge of the Gods who came from the stars

Yin and Yang

The Yin and the Yang would be a symbol that brings together very old Taoist concepts. It represents the duality of all things that exist in the universe
The struggle of opposing forces that are part of our reality.
The Yin is the feminine principle: earth, darkness, passivity, and absorption
The Yang would represent the masculine principle: the sky, the light, and the activity
This symbol would represent the idea that purity does not exist, there will always be light in the deepest darkness and backward without light there would be no shadow, not everything good is so good and not all evil is so bad, a transcendental philosophy and Important for Society

Masonic square and compass

This symbol would represent the old Masonic lodges, the squad and compass represents an architect entity in the world
The central G is said to represent two things: If we think that G is treated as a letter, for some it refers to the word God which means in English God, for others it refers to the word Nadu which refers to the symbolic name with the Which Masons usually refer to the creator principle or cause of the universe.
If we think that instead of the letter G it is a spiral it could refer to the universe and the eternal cycle related to the Golden number present in nature as if it were a kind of great architect: The Masons.

Inverted cross

The inverted cross is a very controversial symbol, everyone knows that the inverted cross that uses Christianity was an instrument of torture to crucify people and subsequently became the symbol of the Christian religion.
But what does it mean to reverse the cross? For Christianity, the inverted cross symbolizes the impure actions and evil of the human being exercised by groups opposed to God: Satanists, for Satanism to reverse the cross means to reject the church and its dogmas, to be contrary to its laws and doctrines due That the ecclesiastical institution is corrupt.

Horus eye

Horus was the son of Osiris the god who was killed by his own brother Seth
Horus maintained a series of fierce combats against Seth in order to avenge his father, in the course of these fights the contenders suffered multiple hernias and some vital losses as for example, the mutilation of the left eye of Horus, but thanks to the intervention of Thot, the eye of Horus was replaced by the Udyat so that God could recover sight
Symbolizes the perfect state, order and also the maximum protection granted by the sun, is commonly used as an amulet because it has characteristics of purification keeping out the evil spirits.
The eye contains hidden mathematical formulas that the Egyptians knew how to interpret,   since for them the magic resided in the mathematics.

The number of the beast 666

The book of the revelations of St. John the New Testament reads as follows: “Here is wisdom: He that hath understanding, count the number of the beast, feet is a man’s number, and his number is 666.
This number makes reference to the arrival of Satan in a human body, the arrival of the antichrist
It is necessary to indicate that in the number 665 resides the real name of the beast and this name would be codified, many have associated the 666 with www belonging to Word Wide Web, like the internet that will take us to an apocalyptic future in which we will all be registered Under numbers in the network, has also been associated with the implantation of subcutaneous microchips with our data and obligatorily, others comment that the mark of the beast is already between us. As in mobile or cell phones as the method of control of the large human farm

The symbol of Uróboros

The Uroboros symbol represented by a dragon or snake biting its tail
It symbolizes the eternal return of things, rebirth, and continuity in the passing of time.
For alchemists this was a sacred symbol of balance to the natural elements and the transformation of compounds, is a very ancient symbol is more than five thousand years, already in Egypt was found inside a sarcophagus of the pyramid of Unis representing the rebirth Of the dead pharaohs in the afterlife.
For the Norse represents the serpent Jörmundgander that grew and grew to get to surround the whole planet earth biting its tail and hiding all knowledge and prohibited knowledge.
For Greek mythology, Uroboros represents the myth of Sisifo.
Sisifo, like Prometheus, made the Gods angry and he was punished, they took his eyes off him and tied a stone and forced him to climb a mountain. When Sisifo reached the bottom fell down rolling down the mountain and so forever.

Caduceus and the rod of Asclepius

The caduceus according to the Greek mythology was given by the god Apollo to them. It symbolizes the number 8, the measurement of substances, the balance before the struggle of two opposing forces: commerce and medicine.
This symbol is formed by two ancient sticks, the Asclepius rod that forms part of the emblem of the OMS (the real organization of the health) and the staff of Hermes
The double serpent may have a hidden meaning, the chain of DNA, maybe formed by reptiles?






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