Proof of Life After Death


In this chapter, I am going to summarize the explanation that the Masters of wisdom give about what happens after dying. But for you to understand it, you must first know:

¿Why are humans on Earth?

And the answer given by the Masters, is because humans are in a process of cosmic evolution that will allow them to become divine beings.

At first humans are like “seeds”, with all the potential to become divine beings but with nothing even developed in them.

And at the end of that cycle of evolution, humans will become fully developed divine beings. And then they will take care of a part of the Creation.

But to be able to carry out that evolution, humans will have to be alternating their development between two worlds:
The first world already knows it: it is the terrestrial world.
But there is also a divine world that for the moment lies beyond our capacity for perception, and to that divine world, Christians call it “Paradise” (and the Theosophists call it the “Devachan”).
And there is also an intermediate zone between those two worlds that serves as a bridge between the two and which Christians call it “Purgatory” (and the Theosophists call it “the Kama-Loka”).

Now, the physical plane is only the visible part of the terrestrial world. But as matter is actually “condensed energy”. Matter needs a mold that condenses that energy, shapes that energy (and sustains that form). And therefore for the physical plane to exist, it also needs a subtle counterpart to play that role of molding and that is the function of the astral plane.

And at the same time, the physical plane also needs another subtle counterpart to life. Because otherwise matter would only remain inert. And that function of vitalizing matter is played by the energy (or pranic) plane.

Therefore, we see that the terrestrial world is composed of three planes of existence:
A physical plane
An astral plane which is the matrix of that physical plane and
An energy plane that brings life to that physical plane.

And the divine world is also composed of three planes of superior existence:
A mental plane that is where most humans stay when they are in the divine world.
But those who have transcended the concrete desires and who, for example, no longer love only one particular person, but all humanity, these humans already ascend to the Buddhist plane.
And the most spiritually evolved ascend even to the atomic plane, which is the most divine plane of existence in which “normal” humans can be.

Therefore, we can divide those two worlds where humans interact on seven planes of existence:

A) A higher triad that corresponds to the divine world.
B) A lower triad that corresponds to the terrestrial world.
C) And an intermediate zone that serves as a bridge between the two worlds.

The Same Structure in the Human Being

And under the law of correspondence that says “as is above is below.” Humans are constituted under the same septenary structure.

The imperishable part of his being is composed of his three upper components which are:

– Atma which is his divine nature
– Buddhi which is his spiritual nature and
– Manas that is his human nature.

But for the upper triad to be able to function in the terrestrial world, it needs a “vehicle” and this is formed by its three inferior components which are:

– The physical body
– The astral body that serves to shape the physical body and
– The energy body that serves to keep the physical body alive.

And in the middle of these two triads (the upper triad and the lower triad) is an intermediate component (Kama) that serves as the connection between the undying part of the human and his terrestrial vehicle.

(Here I put the names in sanskrit that uses the original theosophy with its equivalent in English)

Usually Manas is called “the mental body” and Kama is called “the emotional body and desires.” But those denominations do not please me because they make people believe that Manas only thinks and that Kama only feels and desires. Which is incorrect. And that’s why I prefer to call Manas the emotional and mental psychic part that humans identify as “I” and Kama as their animal side.

Therefore a more accurate illustration would be to imagine:
Manas as the person you identify with.
Buddhi as the spiritual part of your being that seeks to do right and good.
And Kama as the beastly part of your being that seeks to satisfy your desires in a selfish way and is carried away by low instincts.

In the beginning, humans mainly develop their animal part (Kama) and this is how men at first behave in a bestial way, acting selfishly and grossly regardless of the consequences that their actions have on others.

And it is an unpleasant stage, but as you can see, necessary in the evolutionary process so that your higher principles can connect more and more with your earthly vehicle.

To a greater evolution, humans will develop above all their human part (Manas) and that is where the majority of humanity is now. It is at this stage that men begin to think and discern before acting by simple impulse.

Then to further evolution, humans will mainly develop their spiritual part (Buddhi) and then they will reach a high degree of enlightenment as have great masters such as Jesus or Buddha.

And finally in their last stage of evolution, humans will develop their divine part (Atma) in particular and that is when they will become fully developed divine beings.

¿And Why do Humans Need to Descend Down to Earth?

Because if all that evolutionary process is so that ultimately humans live as divine beings in the divine world. The best thing would be for them to develop directly in the divine world and not be so complicated in descending to Earth.

But it turns out that it is on the physical plane where you find the energy that will allow humans to shine like “radiant suns” and have great power throughout their lives as divine beings.

And this is one of the misconceptions people have: to believe that divine power is above all “above” when in reality the divine power is above all “below.”

And is that the greater amount of energy is condensed in matter. Nothing but this energy is “asleep”. That is why people are not aware of all the power contained in matter, but physics has already shown that immense amounts of energy can be generated when the atoms disintegrate and return to their original essence.

And that is why humans have to descend to Earth, to take possession of their portion of matter, then learn to control it and finally transform it into energy, which will serve as “fuel” throughout their existence as divine beings.

Now, this process is not easy to perform because when descending to matter, consciousness atrophies, falls asleep and temporarily becomes dark.

And consequently an entire evolutionary process is required to reawaken and elevate the divine world. And that process is done through the cycle of reincarnations.


The Process of Reencarnation


As we have seen, the awakening of consciousness is done from the bottom up. Which implies that the higher principles of humans are still in the process of development.

Which brings us to the second misconception that people have to believe that humans are already as awake and active in the divine world as they are now on Earth.

And that is false because in reality the Masters explain that the vast majority of humans are currently in the divine world as babies in the process of being born.

Now, the Upper Triad is so to speak “very light”, which prevents it from descending to Earth. The most she can do is project a ray of Manas. And this lightning will be enthroned with Kama so that he can control his land vehicle.

Usually this ray of Manas is called “the lower mental” and the part of Manas that remains in the divine world is called “the higher mental.” But personally I do not like those terms because they make people believe that they are two different entities: “the lower self” that descends to the Earth and “the higher self” that remains sleeping in the sky. When in reality IS THE SAME BEING.

Therefore it would be more appropriate to compare your “lower mental” as the hand of your body that descends through the hole of a hole (because you can not pass your whole body through that hole) to reach what lies in the bottom .

¿Are you going to say that your hand is a different entity from your body?

Do not

Your hand is an integral part of you. But it turns out that (in our example) being the hand, the one that is going to be more active, is also the one that is going to develop most of your entire being. And that is why today, the part that have the most developed and activated humans are its principles Kama and Manas (ie human and animal nature).

Let’s summarize the subject

The human is a consciousness that has seven principles which are:

– Atma which is divine nature
– Bhuddi which is his spiritual nature
– Manas that is his human nature
– Kama which is its animal nature, more
– Your energy body
Your astral body and
– Your physical body

The three higher principles are permanent, while the lower four are mortal, and therefore it is necessary to rebuild them with each new reincarnation. And since the upper triad can not descend to the terrestrial world, Manas projects a ray of its essence, which is to be enthroned with the lower quaternary.

¿What Happens After Dying?

Well, roughly speaking, there is going to be the reverse process of what happens to incarnate.

And this reverse process can be divided into four stages:

1. Stay in the astral plane
2. Stay in the kama-loka
3. Stay in the divine world and
4. Process for a new reincarnation.


And here is the third misconception that people have to believe that when people die, they are still awake and active on the astral plane. But that is not true and the Masters are very categorical on that point: most humans lose consciousness at the moment of dying and spend it sleeping during their stay in the astral.

In this regard Master Kuthumi says:

“[Any person] recently disincarnated, whether he has died of natural or violent death, by natural or accidental death, mentally sane or mad, young or old, good, bad or indifferent, etc. Every person at the moment of death loses all memory, is mentally annihilated [falls into unconsciousness], she sleeps her Akashic dream [first on the astral plane and then] in the Kama-Loka.

This state lasts from a few hours (rarely less), days, weeks, months and sometimes up to several years. All this according to the entity, its mental level at the moment of dying, the character of its death, etc.

And the remembrance of his life [conscious remembrance of the life he had on Earth] will slowly and gradually return towards the end of the gestation state … at the time of his entry into the Devachan [ie in the divine world]. »
(Mahatma Letter 24B, p186-187)

Now, the Masters also point out that every rule has its exceptions, and humans who remain awake (or semi-awake) on the astral plane after dying can be regrouped into two categories:

1) Humans who by having acquired a more advanced development, are able to remain awake and conscious after having passed away. And among these are the adepts, the black magicians, the shamans and their respective advanced disciples.

2) And the “common” humans that for various reasons cant fall into that akashic dream. And some of the reasons are:

– Because they have a great addiction to some drug (cigar, alcohol, cocaine, etc.) that           prevents them from being able to rest and these disembodied souls are continually             searching for living people through whom they can satisfy their addiction.
– There are also people who are obsessed with some activity (lust, gluttony, etc.) and           also their need leads them to look for people through whom they can be satisfied.
– There are also people who die very brutally (murder, traffic accident or air crash, etc.)         and that the trauma they have passed prevents them from being able to rest.

¿How long do people stay in the astral plane after dying?

They remain the time that would have lasted their life normally on Earth. That is, for example, if a person had destined to live until the ninety years, but by an accident died to the fifty. Then that person will remain still forty years in the astral.


Because as we have seen, Manas is very light. So to be able to descend to Earth, you have to tie yourself to your land vehicle through Karma. But remember that the land vehicle is composed of three elements.

Therefore, when the physical body dies, still its subtle counterpart (the astral body and the energetic body) still exist. And they will continue to exist until the useful life of the energy body ends.

For me to understand, I give an analogy: an electric motor when it is turned on circulates the electricity, which allows the apparatus containing it to operate. But the motor itself has a limited service life and the day that the service life ends, the device stops working.

And in the same way, the energy body makes the terrestrial vehicle work, but the energy body itself has a limited useful life and this corresponds to the life span on Earth for which it was programmed.

Now it turns out that the astral body and the energy body are also subject to the law of gravity. Hence the reason that until these subtle bodies do not die too, the person can not ascend.



The good part of the person is reintegrated into the “cosmic baby” and during his stay in the Devachan will assimilate all the experiences that he brought with her and acquired during his stay on Earth.

And at the same time you will also enjoy a period of immense happiness where the person will experience everything that makes her happier.

The detail is that you will experience it in dreams since as we saw, the vast majority of people still do not have enough development to be awake in the divine world.

But that dream will experience it in such an intense and detailed way, that people will feel it more real than if they lived in the earthly world. And with nothing negative that can disturb them.

And when I explain this to people, the question they usually ask me is:

¿So we will not be able to be with our loved ones any more?

And the answer is that they are going to be, since the souls are grouped according to their similarities, only that they are going to be sleeping. And when dreams resemble each other, they tune into each other. So it would be more accurate to say that they will be dreaming together.

The stay in the Devachan is a period of immense bliss that also serves as restful restoration, since if humans had to be reincarnated if that rest, they would quickly become exhausted. And the Masters say that at present the average duration of humans in the divine world is 1,500 years. Although obviously there are great differences: from those who remain only a short time, to those who reside for many millennia.

It all depends on the degree of development that the person has acquired, the positive karma he has generated and the experiences he has gained during his stay on Earth.


When all these mental and psychic forces that kept the Ego in the divine world, have been exhausted. Manas prepares to send a new ray of its essence towards Earth to live a new reincarnation and therefore a new period of development.

And so the cycle repeats itself.

And in this way the human develops more and more with each new reincarnation that he makes. Until one day “the cosmic baby” becomes a fully developed cosmic being.

Then that highly evolved human is going to sublimate his four lower bodies and transform them into energy. And no longer needing reincarnation (since all the development that could give the Earth, has already obtained). That human will begin his cosmic life in the divine world.

Now (and this is another misconception that people have), the divine world is NOT a region where everyone lives in the same place.

The three planes that I mentioned (the mental plane, the buddhic plane and the atmic plane) are only a small part of the whole set that conforms to the divine world (they are the dense part).

Because in fact the divine world is constituted by numerous other planes of existence and as humans evolve (but this time to a more cosmic level and not only at a planetary level), these very advanced humans will access planes of existence Increasingly higher until reaching the Divine Consciousness that directs to all the Creation.

However, they will not do so as humans, since although their existence as “divine humans” is enormous (the Masters speak of millions of years) this also has an end. And then they will have to regenerate again in a new evolutionary cycle. But by then they will do so in a higher realm than the human.

What Catholics call the angelic hierarchy and theosophists call the hierarchy of the Dhyani-Chohanes (which are the superior intelligences in charge of supervising the Universe).



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