Why Some People Find Meditation Difficult


Not many people can meditate, because in order to meditate it is necessary to be able to concentrate well, and this concentration depends on the state of inner peace acquired, that is the capacity for relaxation.

Now, if meditation is not accessible to the majority, it is because most humans struggle with their problems, their traumas, and as soon as they close their eyes, all those things reappear in their minds and do not allow them to be in state of meditation, to have a perfect relaxation.

Therefore, before embarking on the quest for what is the best meditation technique for you, first analyze how your inner emotional state is and if you find that you still have many concerns, many unresolved traumas, then first seek to resolve that state by means of an spiritual inner work, it can take up to a month or ten years, i recommend you to do it.

It is a true solution, because the energies that are received during meditation are so subtle that they can not circulate if the body is NOT relaxed.

When the body is tense, those energies only touch the person and do not enter the chakras, they go to another place, therefore nothing happens at the level of their development.

The problem is that the place where those energies go is where attention is focused, and if the thoughts are focused on the concerns of daily life, family, work, rather than nurturing the meditator, those energies feed those thoughts of restlessness, to reinforce them, and instead of being beneficial they become harmful because they lock the person more in his neurosis.


It is very important that nothing disturbs the person when receiving energy. I insist, because I have seen so many people meditate or simply want to capture energy carrying in them all their disputes of the office or family, the resentments of this or that, their anger, their sorrows, all kind of sentimental drama.

If one refers to true meditation, you cant do it if you first dont do the inner cleansing work, and before you get to this point, take the time to relax and feel the energy. When you relax, you almost automatically absorb energy.

Every time you move away from the darkness (even the emotional ones) the light enters. You can use the methods of relaxation that already exist or they can invent their own method, but they must know that for relaxation to be effective, it has to be guided, because the mind needs the support of the order, which has nothing to do with Hypnosis, although the procedure is more or less the same.

When they realize that they have more stability, that they are no longer enraged by this or that thing, that they act detachedly against such an event, or that they have a form of spontaneous knowledge of things, then it is the signal that they can pass to true meditation.

There are many people who go from guru to guru, from technique to technique, hoping to find the meditation that suits them best, and even if only for fifteen days they said: “This meditation is fantastic. I finally found the teacher I was looking for, he gave me the meditation i needed. ”

The problem is that after a while they realize that the new meditation does not really work for them and then they are going to look for a new technique.

And as rabbits do not stop jumping for miraculous meditation. But with this way of proceeding, you will not find it, because meditation is above all an act of communion with the divine energies and this communion can not occur if you are not yet ready.

Then first prepare yourself for this communion, and do not worry if such meditation works better than another. All meditation methods are good if it is a meditation that corresponds to your needs.

And that is why most of you who want to meditate should seek meditations that are primarily therapeutic, look for techniques that help them heal their inner state.

That is why today people are dissatisfied with the meditations of the initiates, the disciples, because they do not bring the results that they expect.

But as you see, that’s because people still have too many worries, too many traumas and must first get rid of all that by working on themselves, in order to get results.

Knowing yourself and working to break free from your trauma, you will progressively feel an improvement, and then yes, begin meditation.

And when they reach that point, they will no longer need to ask me anything. Your inner guidance will direct you toward your path, toward the group, the kind of meditation that suits you best.

You will be able to take your paths invisibly guided. I just give you the elements of preparation here. The inner circle is for later.



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