Bad Ouija Board Experiences


Ouija is usually used with the intention of communicating with spirits of deceased persons it is also like a portal to demons, evil spirits, beings of hell, among others more. Don’t think I’m superstitious, but sometimes it’s better to see things as they are, do you believe in Ouija? Here I will show you some bad Ouija board experiences.

Many experts say that playing Ouija is risky and that it could lead to a dangerous connection with supernatural forces extremely evil and powerful. Similarly, there are people who say that after playing with Ouija Boards, some of their participants had serious problems, involving spiritual possession.

 3 Bad Ouija Board Experiences!

Throughout history we can get a multitude of stories that are related to the practice of Ouija if you want to test your capacity to wonder  then read these shocking  Ouija Board Experiences:


This event occurred in the American city of Arkansas in the year 1995.

A couple of young Satanists, David and Dennis, claimed they could communicate with a demon they called “The Master.” One night they invited two young men to play Ouija, with the intention of communicating with the demon, but things went out of control, David and Dennis killed one of the boys and left seriously injured the other, who luckily escaped.

The latter succeeded in surviving and denouncing the assassins, who at the time of his arrest slept peacefully on the body of the poor boy who was killed. The defense of this pair was that “The Master” had ordered them to act in such a way, done for which they were condemned to spend their lives in a psychiatric.


This terrible case happened in the year 1990, in the capital city of Spain: Madrid.

Records show that little Estefania was playing with a dangerous güija board at school with some of her classmates. Everything seems to indicate that in that same session the girl managed to establish a connection with a demonic entity, which was interrupted abruptly by a teacher.

It seems that the demon was trapped in our dimension, reason why it began to attack  Estefanía, even trying to own it. How serious these attacks were that a couple of weeks later the young woman died because of “unexplained convulsions.”


He is an outstanding young man who resided in the city of Belfast, capital of Northern Ireland.

Investigations into this case suggest that the boy Colin Roberts, a popular 15-year-old boy who was a friend to everyone, was also a true addict to the practice of Ouija. Reason why he became increasingly withdrawn, reaching the point of playing with an Ouija board alone for hours.

Colin Roberts made the decision to commit suicide by hanging himself on the tree that was right in front of the church in his community, not before telling his acquaintances that he would go to a party with the devil himself because he had made a pact with the devil.



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