Cropsey, an Urban Legend


There are some legends that may be true. Basically, there is a documentary that shows this reality. The urban legend of Cropsey was one of those that became a real fact.

Cropsey, a mental patient

In the 70’s a number of children who lived on Staten Island began to disappear. Subsequently, this disappearance was attributed to a mentally ill man who lived in a psychiatric institution and at night, proceeded to kidnap children. So that when disappeared, 5 children, it was understood that it had been his work. The urban legend of Cropsey with the passage of with the passage of time was forgetting. In such a way that only remained as a warning so that children who lived in the area, avoid going out at night.Primarily, there are many legends that become somber as they become realities. So that in the 80’s a girl with down syndrome disappeared and the villagers believed that there really was a Cropsey.

Sack man stealing children

There was a documentary called ” Cropsey ” and it was based on this story. What most people did not expect was that this story actually came true. Basically, in the late 80’s, the area police finally decided to start fencing a search until it came to a man named Andre Rand. Which turned out to be a former employee of Willowbrook, who had lived in the woods. He was using drugs and was the perfect candidate for our sack man. In such a way that it proceeded to create the film with this man like inspiration.

Andre Rand, the main suspect

This man is serving a 50-year sentence on charges of kidnapping and first-degree murder of Staten Island children. Despite not having verified this accusation, Andre Rand turned out to be the unique suspicion of the disappearances of the children.

Cropsey Urban Legend


Willowbrook, Children’s Psychiatric

Willowbrook State School was primarily a state-funded school for children with mental retardation, such as down syndrome. This institution was located in Staten Island, New York. Undoubtedly, the school became infamous on 2 occasions: First, in the year 1960 by a medical study. And, later in the 70’s for the abuses that were committed in the psychiatric school. Basically, in this school, there were approximately 5000 or 6000 children with mental problems.

Missing children

It is known that a girl’s body was found 35 days after her disappearance in a Willowbrook forest. This girl was 12 years old and unfortunately, she suffered from down syndrome. This girl was the only one to whom her body was found buried. So that the other children with mental retardation were not found at the time of their disappearance. Most of the searches that were done to find these children have not been successful until today.



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