Favorite Destinations of UFOS


For all is very common, listen, read and see by audiovisual means, the constant notices that point us UFO sightings in various parts of the world. These apparitions seem to us really curious and even surprising, because as we know these creatures have characteristics that we never thought to know before, much less think of the visit of beings from other planets to our lands.

However, there is still a lot of disbelief and ignorance in the UFO matter, many do not get to know if they are actually these beings from other places? And basically what can be said of them, is that they are common objects that can not be identified (even though investigations have been carried out) but that they have been visible in many places and countries.

At historical level

From the historical point of view, initially, these “unidentified objects” were called flying saucers and later this denomination was replaced by the acronym: UFO.

It was only after 1947 that the spread of information about these rare occurrences began, and the investigation of many of them by personalities who confirmed the same as true stories that confirmed stories of abductions in forests or ancient chariots of the gods.

Therefore, the impact of these demonstrations on society has been with the help of the media that have been a strong tool to communicate any type of event that has to do with UFOs.

A favorite place for UFOs

These UFO appearances have become very recurrent on a specific site on our planet. According to information provided by the National UFO Report Center, they have placed California in the first place as the favorite destination for UFOs.

In this destination, more than 12,000 sightings have been reported since 1975, and the most recent one was two weeks ago. But so far this year 2017, have reported more than 85. A truly impressive information, if we refer to figures.

Digital platforms, reporters number 1

The tools that we have today to be in touch with our digital world, also allow us to be a step away from being able to report UFO sightings.

For this reason, people who have managed to generate their reports and give part of what they “failed to identify, but that if they observed” (whether they are lights of different colors, for a certain period of time), have generated much impact for these pages, taking into account that can be obtained from them figures of thousands of cases of UFO sightings, for further analysis.

As we must imagine, many cases are called into question for lack of credibility, (which is mostly a recurring aspect), many people ignore any history that refers to this topic so curious to many.

In conclusion, we have no doubt that UFOs definitely have a favorite destination. For the number of sightings it has, this place is a winner of the title. Will it be something special? We do not know it, but what we do confirm is that this is a subject that has a lot of information to discuss, taking into account the different points of view that may come to arise in a discussion where the main topic is really have seen an appearance of UFOs?



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