Interesting Facts About the Great Pyramid of Giza


We all know, at least in photographs, that the pyramids of Egypt, are architectural masterpieces. But let me ask you a question Do you know the myths and mysteries that surround these ancestral constructions? Well, if your answer is no, you are in the right place.

The pyramids of Egypt are surrounded in an enigmatic aura, there are those who support the theory that these were created by beings from another world do you think something like this is possible? Personally, I would say no, but come on, there are some details that might be questionable about the construction of the famous pyramids. Now i will show you some interesting facts about

The Great Pyramid Contains a Number of Mysteries

  1. First of all, it is very big, how could the Egyptians build something so big?
  2. The biggest one weighs six million tons, we can calculate that from its mass.
  3. Its diameter is 13 acres, it’s more than seven hundred and fifty feet along in each side its 481 feet tall.
  4. More than two and a half million individual block of stones were used in its construction.
  5. But it’s not just big, its really incredibly precise, the great pyramid is locked into the cardinal dimensions of our planet, the great pyramid is targeted within the true north.

What Are the Details that Make the World Doubt About the Pyramids of Egypt?


The detail that causes more doubts about the construction of the pyramids of Egypt is the fact of moving gigantic rocks, which each of them could weigh several hundreds of tons, in addition to that, the Egyptians had the capacity to match the rocks by color and hardness with such a knowledge! But how is it possible that human strength can move such weight?

Many theories exist about this question, some say that the enormous rocks were elevated by complex systems of pulleys, nevertheless, seems very unlikely. That is why some more credible theories have emerged, such as the fact that the pyramids only have solid stone in their facades, while inside they are a mixture of mud and stone.

Another theory that has taken a lot of force over time is that of the French-born architect Jean Pierre Houdin, who claims that the giant stones at the top of the pyramids came there because the slaves used Internal ramps, which would have disappeared over the centuries.

Everyone Likes Strange Theories! What Can i Tell You About Aliens and Pyramids?

Yes, if there is a peculiar theory about the pyramids of Egypt that includes aliens, well, let’s say beings of a higher physical and mental level. Some famous people in history, like the writer Erich von Däniken, affirm that our planet was visited in ancient times by aliens.

In addition, curious facts like the fact that the four faces of the pyramid of Keops are perfectly aligned to the cardinal points makes us think a little more about the whole question about construction planning, specifically about who did it.

But Wait a Moment, I Have Saved The Best For The End!

The information I’m about to give you is the one that will really make you doubt about many of the things you believe. Sure you know the famous number Pi, which has a value of 3.14159 …

As you know, Pi is a measure of circumference, so it seems obvious that humanity did not know about it until the invention of the wheel, so how is it possible that by adding twice the length of the base of the pyramid of Cheops And divide the result between the height of the same we get the value 3.1439? Just a coincidence?


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