The Truth About Michael Jackson’s Death


The pop world was dressed in black, the king had died. Everyone was waiting for a convincing truth about Michael Jackson’s death, they wanted more information about the mysterious death of the king of pop.

The world stopped on Thursday June 25 when the news of Michael Jackson’s death circulated quickly leaving everyone shocked and in deep sorrow.

The streets were filled with hundreds of fans who left their homes to tribute Michael Jackson. The places chosen by the followers were: Neverland ranch, the mansion where he lived, in Holmby Hills, even the place where the body of Michael was, was visited by fans.

But immediately there was polemic about the truth of Michael Jackson’s death.

It was reported that the cause of the death was an infarct but that didnt sound very convincing, especially when witnesses said that the day before, Michael was in perfect health.

Then the doctor Conrad Murray who gave the first aid became a key to clarify things, because it transcended that he would have applied an injection of synthetic morphine, which was denied by his lawyer.

According to Murray when he arrived in Michael Jackson’s room, his pulse was weak, he realized he was not breathing and immediately applied a cardiorespiratory massage with no result.

Before the facts, everyone is asked what was the cause of death of Michael Jackson?

Michael Jacksons Autopsy:

Michael was bald.

– He weighed only 51 kilos.
– He had pills in his stomach.

This forensic examination fits the hypothesis that he could have died from an overdose

Hypothesis of the causes:

– Consumption of narcotics, which is based on the intention of his father to enter a detoxification clinic, as he said in previous days.

– Medical malpractice in the emergency.

– Addiction to drugs to calm pains

While some cry the loss of Michael Jackson, others are dedicated to deciphering the enigma surrounding his death; The conspirators already have the explanation for everything that is happening, they believe that Michael was killed because he was waking up and seeing society as it is, illuminati killed him because all the fans and followers he had and he could of speaked publicly about them like JFK did.


Only Michael Jackson and the illuminati know what happened, the truth is that the whole world expects a clear and detailed explanation of what happened to the singer, which meets the expectations of his family and thousands of fans worldwide.



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