¿What is a Déjà vu?


To begin, let me give you the translation of this expression, déjà vu is a term from the French language, which translates into English as something that we have seen and lived before. However, I want you to have the necessary information so that you can give your own opinion about this peculiar phenomenon.

Déjà vu is normally known as a powerful feeling of having lived a moment before, when in fact is hardly happening. Let me explain in brief words the scientists’ view of déjà vu: they claim that it is a phenomenon in which you visualize an object or situation before your brain has finished building it.

But … Can scientists justify these three types of déjà vu?
We all know that scientists always try to explain everything with fundamentals, they may explain some aspects about déjà vu, but they can’t explain them all. For you to understand what I am talking about, I will show you the 3 types of déjà vu that exist:


It is the most common and of which I am speaking to you, it is the sensation of having already performed a certain action or of having said a specific phrase. It is simply a feeling of remembering a particular act that may be happening at the same instant or even not yet happening. An amazing fact is that some surveys have revealed that more than 70% of the population has perceived this type of déjà vu.


It is a kind of déjà vu extremely complicated to explain, in fact, it is not something that can be stored in the memory of those who experience it. It usually appears associated with emotional stimuli, as a phrase or gesture of a particular person, the clearest explanation that can be given to this déjà vu is that when you live it you have the certainty that you have perceived a sensation that caused an emotion, But it is impossible to remember what the sensation was.


It is probably the kind of déjà vu that causes more intrigue in the scientific community since it consists in recognizing a place that is visited for the first time. Are there any theories that déjà visité are about memories of past lives or experiences related to astral travel? But tell me how else can you understand a person’s ability to know the distribution or qualities of a site that had not seen before?

So, are they real phenomena?
It is clear that yes, what is in the middle of the controversy is its origin. It depends on you which of the theories that accompany déjà vu choose as valid, is it a paranormal phenomenon or is it a scientifically verifiable fact? Personally, I believe that nothing in life is white or black, there is an average tone in which different points of view can coexist.



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